January 17 ‧ Event
2018 Winter Wildview Taiwan Film Festival
2018 Winter Wildview Taiwan Film FestivalThe Museum's annual film series is going for popularity in its third year. 20 films recognized by Wildview Taiwan will be shown from Feb. 2 through 20, 2018. Join us to share the thoughtful and inspirational stories about Mother Nature.

January 16 ‧ Event
Winter Opportunities
Winter OpportunitiesSchool's out? Science's in! The Museum is pleased to offer an exciting array of activities and events throughout winter school vacation. Whether it’s fun in the wind or serious NMNS study, opportunities abound for school students and families.

January 7 ‧ Event
Forensic Science Camp
Forensic Science CampHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a crime scene investigator like those on popular shows? Join us for our Forensic Science Winter Camp! This camp is much more than simple finger printing!

January 7 ‧ Event
If I Had an Elephant
If I Had an ElephantThe Museum excels at providing kids with what they need on vacation! Drop your kids off to spend two mornings with us for the ‘If I Had an Elephant’ Camp. Kids will explore elephants through creative and fun activities and develop their know-how.

January 7 ‧ Event
Life Sciences Camp
Life Sciences CampThe Museum launches an engaging and interactive camp devoted to inspiring a love in the life sciences in high school students. If you are interested in life sciences, this camp could be a good learning opportunity for you.

January 5 ‧ Event
Master Lecture Series
Master Lecture SeriesWhat is evolutionary biology? How does it explain the similarities and differences of extinct and modern species? Join us on the Friday afternoons March 16 through June 1 for our “Master Lecture Series”. Explore how evolution impacts our daily life.

January 3 ‧ Event
Overnight Fossil Camp
Overnight Fossil CampThe Museum invites teachers and high school students interested in paleontology and geology to dive into the prehistoric world of Taiwan. Search for fossils and conduct a geological survey, you’ll become a paleo-explorer!

January 1 ‧ Announcement
Museum Alliance
Museum AllianceNine museums in Taiwan forge an alliance to offer a celebration of Taiwan's unique cultural spirit with concessionary discounts. This alliance of nine museums covers a uniquely diverse range of themes. Start planning your vacation.

January 1 ‧ Film
Museum Alive , YELLOWBIRD
Museum Alive&yellowbirdKick off the New Year 2018 with the new films ‘Museum Alive’ and ‘YELLOWBIRD’ at our 3D Theater! Embark on exciting adventures through NHM in London with naturalist Attenborough and through continents and oceans with Yellowbird.

December 31 ‧ Film
Wild Africa
Wild AfricaThe NMNS' new IMAX film ‘Wild Africa’ will be launched tomorrow (Jan. 1, 2018). Come with us on a spectacular 3D ride across, over, and through the magical realms of the most dramatic continent on earth: Africa.

December 28 ‧ Exhibition
2018 Camellia Show
2018 Camellia ShowAre you looking for something to get you into the spirit of the upcoming New Year? The Museum is the place to be! Join us for the 2018 Camellia Show! You will be blown away by the many varieties of beautiful camellias on display.

December 21 ‧ Announcement
Savings Offering
Outcome Presentation of Blue Cave VRThe Museum is providing a way for visitors to save from Dec. 22, 2017 to Jan. 24, 2018. Ticket holders to the Adventure Zone of ‘Hyper Reality’ are able to pick one free attraction in the Fantasy Zone. Savings is based on buying individual standard tickets on the day at each attraction.

December 21 ‧ Event
Outcome Presentation of Blue Cave VR
Outcome Presentation of Blue Cave VRThe NMNS along with MNPH and PCG presented at its VIP Room a new VR film Blue Cave, which is the outcome of the first phase of its ‘VR Promotion Plans’ in cooperation with the two parties.

December 14 ‧ Event
Bird & Ecology Park Adventure
Bird & Ecology Park AdventureThis winter school vacation, adventurous children with their parents can experience a unique day camp that takes them to meet all the animals in the Museum’s Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park. Put on your sneakers and join us to learn how to make friends with animals in our beautiful outdoor classroom.

December 13 ‧ Event
2018 Winter Camps in Botanical Garden
2018 Winter Camps in Botanical GardenKeep your kid active and engaged during winter school vacation! The Museum's Botanical Garden will host a series of stimulating day camps full of discovery, exploration and imagination.

December 13 ‧ Announcement
MOU between CGS and NMNS
MOU between CGS and NMNSThe Central Geological Survey and the Museum have signed a formal MOU to strengthen future collaboration and open new opportunities for research, exhibit, science education, and specimen collection.

December 6 ‧ Event
Deep Earth Exploration
Deep Earth ExplorationThe Museum is pleased to announce the ‘Deep Earth Exploration’ Seminar Series! Every month, a curator presents current information and ongoing research within the particular field of earth sciences.

December 1 ‧ Exhibition
NMNS Online Collection: Art in the Palm
Art in the PalmArt in the Palm, a new virtual exhibition opening at the Museum, challenges visitors to leave preconceptions about glove puppetry behind — and discover the wonderful world of Taiwanese glove puppetry.

November 16 ‧ Event
Deep into Elephant Herds
Deep into Elephant HerdsLooking for a creative way to fill the winter vacation for your kids? Campers, elementary students in 3rd – 6th grade, will gain inspiration from our current exhibition ‘Elephants: Evolution and Tragedy of the Land Mighty’ and participate in multi-stage games that offer in-depth bioscience experiences.

November 15 ‧ Exhibition
Forensic Science: The Anatomy of Crime
Forensic ScienceThe NMNS unveiled a new exhibition ‘Forensic Science: The Anatomy of Crime’ today. The exhibition, which will run till May 20, 2018, explores how forensic experts have used their wisdom and techniques to investigate crimes.

November 14 ‧ Exhibition
Hyper Reality: Virtual Space-Time Fantasy Adventure
Hyper Reality: Virtual Space-Time Fantasy AdventureThe Museum is proud to present a major new exhibition ‘Hyper Reality: Virtual Space-Time Fantasy Adventure’, in which interactive digital technology creates a fantasy world infused with reality and virtual spaces, as the aging Earth and its ecological and evolutionary processes reappear in this magical journey.

October 28 ‧ Announcement
New Mascots
New MascotsThe Museum released its new vivid dinosaur mascots. Two T-rexes named ‘Lily’ and ‘Bubi’ first met the public on Friday, October 27 at the Museum. Attendees at the unveiling ceremony were thrilled that the Museum’s identifying symbol is loaded with historical and scientific significance.

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