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September 25 ‧ Event
Teacher Education Camp
Teacher Education CampThe Museum offers a vast array of resources and information for educators. The Teacher Education Camp provides pre-service or substitute teachers with the opportunity to learn strategies, develop techniques, and expand resources that can be used in the classroom. Join us to revolutionize learning for yourself and your students!

September 10 ‧ Event
Astronomy and Space Quiz
Astronomy and Space QuizIn celebration of the upcoming Moon Festival, one of the three most significant festivals in the Chinese communities, the Museum will host an astronomy and space quiz event for the public to test their knowledge about space, celestial bodies, and the solar system.

September 10 ‧ Event
Explore Oceania
Explore OceaniaThe Museum invites Taiwan new residents and immigrants and general public to explore Oceania with Captain Cook on Saturday, September 15. Come have an interesting and valuable pastime with your kids for this weekend!!

August 31 ‧ Event
Plant Art! Cultivating “Qi” in the Garden
Plant Art! Cultivating “Qi” in the GardenChinese calligraphy said to be “silent music and dance” on paper is considered a high art in Chinese culture. Learn about plants through the wonder and beauty of Chinese calligraphy in our Botanical Garden.

August 20 ‧ Announcement
Science Center Closure
Science Center ClosureThe Museum's Science Center will be temporarily closed from August 21 to 24, 2018 due to an interior renovation. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

August 16 ‧ Event
Learning with Nature
Learning with NatureIf you didn't make it to our first camp of ‘Learning with Nature’ program in June, you're in luck. The first camp for school groups was so popular and successful, and the Museum's Botanical Garden is going to launch the second camp for families in September.

August 15 ‧ Event
Grandparents Day
Grandparents DayThis year, Grandparents Day falls on Sunday, August 26. On that weekend (8/25 & 26) we will be celebrating grandparents with a meaningful DIY activity that highlights their roles in nurturing and imparting life values in the families.

August 13 ‧ Event
Algal Reef Exploration
Algal Reef ExplorationThe Museum invites families to explore the biggest and most complete algal reef in Taiwan, which is consisted of the calcified crustose coralline algae and is one of the most important ecosystems on the northwestern coast.

August 1 ‧ Exhibition
NMNS Online Collection: The Story of Taiwanese Tea
The Story of Taiwanese TeaTea serves not only as drink, but also as part of the social fabric of Taiwan. Drinking tea is not just a local past time, but a source of national pride. Enjoy our new online exhibition about Taiwan’s tea industry and culture in a new and engaging way!

July 30 ‧ Announcement
Volunteers Needed
Volunteers NeededAre you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in your community? Consider volunteering at the NMNS and its 3 Parks. We are looking for eager volunteers ready to lend a hand. Please note we will not be accepting volunteer applications until Aug. 17, 2018.

July 11 ‧ Event
Close to Our Homeland
Close to Our HomelandThe Museum will present “Close to Our Homeland-National Park International Awards Film Festival” on July 16 & 30 and August 6, 13 & 14. 19 films won big at prestigious international film festivals will be shown. The films are free with Museum admission.

July 11 ‧ Exhibition
Fijian Plant Fiber Arts
Fijian Plant Fiber ArtsOur Botanical Garden brings Polynesian and Melanesian arts to the public. Nearly 40 works of plant fibers from Fiji are on view in the basement of the conservatory. Come enjoy the cultural heritage of Fiji with us!

June 27 ‧ Event
Summer WildViewTaiwan Film Festival 2018
Summer WildViewTaiwan Film Festival 2018In collaboration with WildViewTaiwan Nature Communication Society, the Museum will hold the 8th “WildViewTaiwan Film Festival” starting July 7. Join us to share the interesting stores about Mother Nature.

June 26 ‧ Announcement
Lunch Area Closure
Lunch Area ClosureThe ‘Brown Bag’ Lunch Area on the 2nd floor of the Global Environment Hall will be temporarily unavailable due to our activity on Tuesday & Wednesday, July 24 & 25, 2018. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

June 11 ‧ Event
Learning with Nature
Learning with NatureThe Museum announces a new format for children and their accompanying grownups this year. Learning with Nature Program will engage participants to discover the wonders of nature in a series of camps.

June 26 ‧ Announcement
Naturalist Center Closure
Naturalist Center ClosureThe Naturalist Center will be temporarily unavailable to the public due to an activity for families of children with infantile autism on Sunday, July 1, 2018 (9am-1:30pm). It will be operating as normal after 1:30pm. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

June 26 ‧ Announcement
Lunch Area Closure
Lunch Area ClosureThe ‘Brown Bag’ Lunch Area on the 2nd floor of the Global Environment Hall will be temporarily unavailable due to our activity from 24 – 26 June, 2018. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

June 16 ‧ Event
Popular Science Forum
Popular Science ForumIn collaboration with other 4 science museums in Taiwan, the Museum will host the 7th Popular Science Forum on October 16 & 17, 2018. The theme of this year event will be “Museum Participation”. Join us and submit your article now!

June 4 ‧ Announcement
Extended Museum Days
Extended Museum DaysThe Museum will open every day of the week in this summer! Take this opportunity to explore our exhibitions and the Museum’s rich collection – the only one of its kind in Taiwan from July 1 through August 31!

June 1 ‧ Exhibition
NMNS Online Collection: Begonia
BegoniaThe begonia is an amazing plant. It just keeps going along and blooming, and when cut back, it starts up again. We present a new online exhibition to honor the memory of our former Acting Director Peng Jing-yi, an expert in Asian Begonia taxonomy.

May 24 ‧ Event
2018 Science Image Contest
2018 Science Image ContestThe 2018 “Amazing New Visions” photo contest is open for submission by any Chinese photography and science enthusiasts or students from around the world. Submission will be closed on September 30, 2018.

May 24 ‧ Announcement
Conservatory Closure
Conservatory ClosureOur Conservatory in the Botanical Garden will be closed on Monday & Tuesday, June 4 & 5, 2018 for pruning large plants. Some security measures will be taken to ensure the safety for our employees and public during the pruning work. We are sorry for inconvenience caused.

May 23 ‧ Announcement
Gallery Closure
Gallery ClosureOur Dinosaur Gallery in the Life Science Hall will be closed Monday – Friday, June 4 – 8, 2018 for maintenance of the animatronic dinosaurs manufactured by KOKORO. We are sorry for inconvenience caused.

May 14 ‧ Event
2018 Summer Camps
2018 Summer CampsSchool's out? Science's in! Come play and learn with us this summer! Bring your curiosity and sense of wonder as you join Museum educators for fun activities, games, and crafts that teach about the natural sciences! We offer an array of high-quality camps for students.

May 3 ‧ Announcement
International Museum Day
International Museum DayThe Museum and its three Education Parks will offer free admission on Friday, May 18, 2018 in celebration of International Museum Day. Join us to explore our collections, see our special exhibitions, and participate in our activities. Ticketed exhibitions and 3D movies are not included with free admission.

April 30 ‧ Event
SOS Celebrating 10th Anniversary
SOS Celebrating 10thAnniversaryHard to believe a full decade has passed since the SOS opened to the public at the Museum in May, 2008. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, we look forward to welcoming you to the Museum for a series of fun and educational experiences on May 18-20.

April 23 ‧ Event
Spiders: Webs Unraveled
Spiders: Webs UnraveledExplore the creepy, crawly world of spiders in our day camp “Spiders: Webs Unraveled”. The camp with six sessions for students in grades 3 through 6 is connected with our current exhibition “Our Unexpected Arthropod Housemates”.

April 18 ‧ Event
Happy New Learning
Happy New LearningThe Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. The Museum will invite Taiwan new residents and immigrants to celebrate the significant Chinese festival with a Sunday afternoon of family fun. Paddle away with us into the Chinese ethnic and cultural diversity!

April 9 ‧ Announcement
Children's Discovery Room Closure
Children's Discovery Room ClosureThe Children's Discovery Room — located on Level 5 of the Science Center — will be temporarily closed on Thursday, April 12, 1:00 – 3:00pm for a group visit from National Tsing Hua University. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

March 20 ‧ Event
Dog Needle Felting
Dog Needle FeltingTo celebrate 2018 Year of Dog, we will host a dog needle felting event in conjunction with our current “Canine Exhibition”. Join in a fun and informative Sunday afternoon with us and create your own little felted dog.

March 20 ‧ Event
Drug Identification
Drug IdentificationDrug abuse has become a major public health issue in the world. Knowing what the most common illicit drugs look like is important. Join us for a guest lecture on drug identification, which we're highlighting the theme raised by our ‘Forensic Science’ exhibition.

March 14 ‧ Event
Dolly the Sheep @ 20
Dolly the Sheep @ 20Remember Dolly the Sheep? 15 years after her death, cloning still has the power to shock. Are cloned humans right around the corner? The Museum invites you to examine Dolly's lasting legacy and what we've learned about cloning.

March 6 ‧ Announcement
Celebration of Children's Day
Celebration of Children’s DayIn celebration of the Children's Day 2018, the Museum is opening its doors to children under age 12 on Wednesday, April 4 with free admission to the Museum's galleries (ticketing special exhibitions excluded), Botanical Garden, and its 3 Parks (921, Chelungpu, and Fonghuanggu). Please note: Proper ID is required.

February 27 ‧ Event
The Adventures of Young Guardians
The Adventures of Young GuardiansEarth Day for the year 2018 is observed on Sunday, April 22. The Museum is showing its support for Mother Earth by hosting a half-day camp of 12 sessions for young students, which bring awareness to environmental protection of our planet earth.

February 9 ‧ Exhibition
Hide-and-Seek of Dogs: The Canine Exhibition
Hide-and-Seek of Dogs: The Canine ExhibitionAn exhibition of dogs celebrating the upcoming Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac kicks off Feb. 9 at the Museum. Come explore the extraordinary bond between people and dogs through scientific researches and interactive experiences.

February 7 ‧ Exhibition
Our Unexpected Arthropod Housemates
Our Unexpected Arthropod HousematesYour home is a jungle inhabited by over 100 different species of arthropods!? There are numerous stupefying facts about arthropods. Come visit our new exhibition ‘Our Unexpected Arthropod Housemates’ to explore their extraordinary evolutionary success and their impact on our lives.

February 2 ‧ Exhibition
Exploring the Beauty of Plants
Exploring the Beauty of PlantsArt is blooming in the Museum's Botanical Garden! Beauty and wonder of plants are celebrated in our new exhibition ‘Exploring the Beauty of Plants’, which showcases botanical paintings in watercolor and artifacts made of seeds, fruits, and natural fibers.

February 1 ‧ Exhibition
NMNS Online Collection: Crustaceans
CrustaceansIt's strange and marvelous under the sea. The Museum is proud to present a new online exhibition ‘Crustaceans: Armored Warriors in the Sea’ that explores 12 of the bizarre crustaceans to inhabit the Earth.

January 24 ‧ Announcement
Holiday Memo
Holiday MemoThe Museum and its 3 Parks (921 Earthquake Park, Chelungpu Fault Park, and Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park) will observe adjusted hours this holiday season to better accommodate visitors. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

January 24 ‧ Event
Savings Offering
Savings OfferingThe ticket holders to the Adventure Zone of ‘Hyper Reality’ exhibition can get a 40% discount for one or more attractions in the Fatansy Zone from Jan. 25 to Feb. 20, 2018. They must be purchased together. No discount will apply after stamping.

January 23 ‧ Film
Sustainable Fisheries
Savings OfferingThe Museum is proud to present a new documentary ‘Sustainable Fisheries’ that recounts Taiwan's fishery industry from hardship to prosperity and points out its current challenges. Join us at our Environment Theater for our future generations!

January 17 ‧ Event
2018 Winter Wildview Taiwan Film Festival
2018 Winter Wildview Taiwan Film FestivalThe Museum's annual film series is going for popularity in its third year. 20 films recognized by Wildview Taiwan will be shown from Feb. 2 through 20, 2018. Join us to share the thoughtful and inspirational stories about Mother Nature.

January 12 ‧ Announcement
Savings Offering
Outcome Presentation of Blue Cave VRThe Museum is providing a way for visitors to save from Jan. 25 to Feb. 20, 2018. Ticket holders to the Adventure Zone of ‘Hyper Reality’ are able to pick one free attraction in the Fantasy Zone. Savings is based on buying individual standard tickets on the day at each attraction.

January 7 ‧ Event
Forensic Science Camp
Forensic Science CampHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a crime scene investigator like those on popular shows? Join us for our Forensic Science Winter Camp! This camp is much more than simple finger printing!

January 7 ‧ Event
If I Had an Elephant
If I Had an ElephantThe Museum excels at providing kids with what they need on vacation! Drop your kids off to spend two mornings with us for the ‘If I Had an Elephant’ Camp. Kids will explore elephants through creative and fun activities and develop their know-how.

January 7 ‧ Event
Life Sciences Camp
Life Sciences CampThe Museum launches an engaging and interactive camp devoted to inspiring a love in the life sciences in high school students. If you are interested in life sciences, this camp could be a good learning opportunity for you.

January 5 ‧ Event
Master Lecture Series
Master Lecture SeriesWhat is evolutionary biology? How does it explain the similarities and differences of extinct and modern species? Join us on the Friday afternoons March 16 through June 1 for our “Master Lecture Series”. Explore how evolution impacts our daily life.

January 3 ‧ Event
Overnight Fossil Camp
Overnight Fossil CampThe Museum invites teachers and high school students interested in paleontology and geology to dive into the prehistoric world of Taiwan. Search for fossils and conduct a geological survey, you’ll become a paleo-explorer!

January 1 ‧ Announcement
Museum Alliance
Museum AllianceNine museums in Taiwan forge an alliance to offer a celebration of Taiwan's unique cultural spirit with concessionary discounts. This alliance of nine museums covers a uniquely diverse range of themes. Start planning your vacation.

January 1 ‧ Film
Museum Alive , YELLOWBIRD
Museum Alive&yellowbirdKick off the New Year 2018 with the new films ‘Museum Alive’ and ‘YELLOWBIRD’ at our 3D Theater! Embark on exciting adventures through NHM in London with naturalist Attenborough and through continents and oceans with Yellowbird.

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