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October 26 ‧ Event
Plant-Adventure Day Camp
Plant-Adventure Day Camp
Go on a plant adventure! Discover man-made and natural habitats plus the birds within. Identify the directions, investigate the ecosystem and create your own plant dyeing to take home. Join our Fonghuanggu Bird and Ecology Park @ Lugu with the family friendly activity!

October 11‧ Event
Eco-Adventure Day Camp
Eco-Adventure Day CampThe Museum's Fonghuanggu Bird and Ecology Park @ Lugu will offer an eco-adventure day camp for families to investigate the birds, frogs, and ecology of the Park. Join the Park with this family friendly activity through classroom time and field trip!

October 2‧ Event
Film Appreciation & Guided Reading
Film Appreciation & Guided ReadingThe NMNS will host a program including the film appreciation of “Ice Age, 2002” and the guided reading of “The Story of Life in 25 Fossils: Tales of Intrepid Fossil Hunters and the Wonders of Evolution” led by Dr. Chang Chun-hsiang, on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Join us for your visual and intellectual enjoyment.

September 29‧ Exhibition
Brilliant Mid-Autumn
Brilliant Mid-AutumnTo celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and match up with the upcoming 2018 Flora Festival in Taichung, the Museum presents 'Brilliant Mid-Autumn', an exhibition that showcases the beauty of oncidium orchid in the art of Chinese flower arrangement from Friday, Sep. 29 to Tuesday, Oct. 10. Get ready to be WOWed!

September 21‧ Announcement
Teahcer Day at NMNS
Teahcer Day at NMNSIf you're a teacher, be sure to come to the NMNS Tuesday, Sep. 28 to Sunday, Oct. 1! You will receive 15% discount at the ‘Dunhuang’ ticketing exhibition, which is hosted at the Museum for a limited time only. So be sure to catch it while it is here!

September 6‧ Event
Dick Mol Lecture
Dick Mol LectureDr. Dick Mol, an internationally renowned Dutch paleontologist and a specialist in the field of mammoths, is coming to the Museum to talk about his 30-plus years of experience exploring the fossils of woolly mammoths.

September 5‧ Announcement
Theater Closure
Theater ClosureWe are sorry to inform you that the Museum’s Environment Theater will be closed for a new program this September. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to welcoming you next month.

August 23‧ Event
Lectures Accompanying Exhibition
Online LearningThe winning works of the 2016 Science Image Contest have been displayed in the Museum's 2nd Exhibition Gallery. Meet the winners in our Multiuse Theater on Saturday morning, Sep. 16, 2017 to see how their passion for the natural world produces startling images, and what their exceptional images reveal the astonishing moments in the nature.

August 23‧ Announcement
Park Closure
Park ClosureThe Museum's Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park @ Chushan will be closed from Monday, Aug. 28 to Thursday, Sep. 13, 2017 for renovation works. We apologize for any inconvenience.

August 16‧ Event
Seminar on Biodiversity
Seminar on BiodiversityA seminar on biodiversity will be held in the Museum’s Red Conference Room on Saturday, Sep. 2, 2017. Speakers from various educational institutes and wildlife departments will give their experiences and opinions on the conservation of biological diversity, and its sustainable use as well. We cordially invite you to join us for the great opportunity.

August 14‧ Announcement
Theater Closure
Museum AllianceThe Museum’s Environment Theater will temporarily close for replacement of its laser projectors from Wednesday, Aug. 16 to Saturday, Aug. 26. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

August 13‧ Event
Grandparents Day
Grandparents DayGet ready for Grandparents Day 2017 – August 27! Celebrate the day at the Museum! On that weekend (8/26 & 27), seniors over 60 receive FREE ADMISSION to the Museum’s theaters, galleries, Botanical Garden, and its three Education Parks (921 Earthquake Park @ Wufong, Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park @ Chushan, and Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park @ Lugu).

August 10‧ Film
2017 WildView Taiwan Film Festival
2017 WildView Taiwan Film Festival20 films recognized by Wildscreen – the U.K-based education charity awarding the “Green Oscars” – either as award-winners or nominees will be shown in the Museum’s Red Conference Room in summer time when the days fall on Wednesdays and weekends at 10am and 2pm. Join us to share the interesting stories about Mother Nature.

August 1‧ Event
2017 Science Image Contest: Amazing New Visions
2017 Science Image Contest: Amazing New VisionsThe Museum is now accepting entries for its annual Science Image Contest. Since its inception in 2013, the contest has drawn thousands of entrants from across the Chinese world and a collection of beautiful images. The deadline for submitting photos is October 20, 2017.

August 1‧ Exhibition
NMNS Online Collection: Rocks
NMNS Online Collection: RocksRock (or stone), the most common material on Earth, tells us a great deal about the history of our planet, but how much do you really know about them? Discover rock secrets through the NMNS Online Collection: Rocks. Find out how to tell the different rock types apart, and see how rocks change from one type into another.

April 26‧ Exhibition
Dunhuang: Stories of the Caves
Dunhuang: Stories of the CavesNMNS reenacts the glorious Dunhuang at its best! Centering on the architecture, paintings, pottery, and religious scripting found in the Dunhuang caves, the biggest Dunhuang exhibition in Taiwan starts today until Oct. 1st, 2017. This is something you don't want to miss!

February 6‧ Exhibiton
Brain: The Biology of Mind
Brain: The Biology of MindThis February will be the last chance to see the Museum’s current exhibition, “Brain: The Biology of Mind”, which will close on 28th February. Due to popular demand and unparalleled visitor interest the exhibition has been extended. Seize the chance to see the Brain exhibition which attracted nearly 100,000 visitors in the past 10 months.

January 23‧ Exhibiton
The Chicken and Egg Story
The Chicken and Egg StoryCelebrating the Year of the Rooster, the Museum, in partnership with TARI, is thrilled to host “The Chicken and Egg Story” touring exhibition. The new exhibition, which runs from January 23 through June 19, 2017, will explore the story of chickens and eggs – from jungle bird to fast-food dinner.

January 13‧ Event
Master Lecture Series
Master Lecture SeriesSave the dates to share ideas and expertise in the world of popular science on Friday afternoons of March and April, 2017. This lecture series focuses on artificial intelligence (AI). All lectures are free and open to the public, and all lecturers are eminent experts or enthusiasts of different professions.

January 11‧ Exhibition
The Island of Floating Smog: PM 2.5 Visual World
The Island of Floating Smog: PM 2.5 Visual WorldThe Museum opens a new exhibition Jan. 11 featuring a basic human right – clean air. “The Island of Floating Smog: PM 2.5 Visual World”, which explores the air quality in Taiwan, runs through Jun. 11, 2017. The exhibition documents both the cause and effect of the growing air pollution problem in Taiwan, giving special attention to the issue of particulate matter (PM).

January 3‧ Event
2017 Winter Break Film Festival
2017 Winter Break Film FestivalWith the winter vacation nearing a start, the Museum brings you an exciting program ‘WildView Taiwan Film Festival’. 20 films recognized by Wildscreen will be shown Jan. 21- Feb. 12 when the day falls on Wednesdays and weekends, with free admission.

January 3‧ Event
Winter Vacation Camp
Winter Vacation CampWhen school is out, winter camp is in! Ignite the learning spark in your children over the winter vacation! Join us at the National Museum of Natural Science for our exciting winter vacation camps where students ages 7-18 can learn about natural science and have fun!

January 1‧ Film
Dinosaurs at Dusk, An Aerial Tour of Guishan Island
Dinosaurs at Dusk   An Aerial Tour of Guishan IslandOpening the New Year 2017, the Museum screens two new films exploring the prehistoric world and Guishan Island. ‘Dinosaurs at Dusk’ explores the origins of flight, continental drift, the geological eras immediately preceding the KT impact and extinctions as a fundamental part of evolution and life, whereas ‘An Aerial Tour of Guishan Island’ explores the landmark and emblem of Yilan and the only active volcano in Taiwan.

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