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National Museum of Natural Science exchanges insects and plants specimens with museums in Germany and Russia respectively. 398 pieces of specimens of Taiwan's native butterflies, bugs and plants will be shipped back home. More than one hundred items in the collection are more than one century old, including four precious cases: Lysimachia candida, Danaus plexippus (monarch butterfly), Euploea althaea and Cephalanthus naucleoides DC. (button-bush), which are all verified to be the new recorded native extinct species in Taiwan.

The Museum held a ceremony for specimens exchanges with The Herbarium, Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, and Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut (SDEI), Germany, on April 12. SDEI brings here above three hundred specimens, more than two hundred of which were collected from Taiwan more than one century ago; Komarov Botanical Institute also contributes plenty of specimens of Taiwan native plants which are also more than on hundred years old.

Dr. Chan Mei-ling at the Museum's Zoology Dept. occasionally found that SDEI held a rich collection of specimens of Taiwan insects, when she visited the museum in order to reconstruct Taiwan's lost insects models; since then, both museums began a project for collection exchange. During the period of Taiwan Butterflies Exhibition in the Museum last year, the German museum had promised to return its specimens of Taiwan insects including the presently extinct Lysimachia candida and Danaus plexippus.

Dr. Yang Chung-yu at the Museum's Botany Dept. found the plants collection of Seikichiro YANO, Japan's ambassador in Russia during the Japan-governed period, whose collections of plants specimens taken from Taiwan's main island and its outlying islands, Orchid Island and Green Island, were mainly done between 1896 and 1897. Such a huge collection of about five hundred plants specimens were almost held in Komarov Botanical Institute. Yang was surprised, when he was making the list for S. YANO's collection, that the collection contained a never-recorded extinct native Primulaceae species in Taiwan, Lysimachia candida. Besides, the precious specimen of the presently extinct-in-the-wild plant species, Cephalanthus naucleoides DC. (button-bush), in S. YANO's collection can make up a gap in the history of Taiwan plants collection.

Monarch butterfly
Lysimachia candida Lindl.
Euploea phaenareta juvia