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Food of any type is not permitted in the Museum galleries. This is to help the Museum control insects and other pests which pose risks to the collections on display.

For our visitors' convenience, the National Museum of Natural Science provides a new 'brown bag' lunch area at the original location of Ya-yuan Restaurant, which has been closed for its lease expiration. You can enjoy your own provisions in the sophisticated, elegant setting with expansive views of the Museum's Botanical Garden.

This is a dining area carrying capacity of 240 people. Reservation is not necessary. There is no fee for set-up and clean-up. But, please keep the place clean, maintain a quiet atmosphere for other visitors, and sort your lunch trash very well when you leave the place. And please remember ─ the area is only open 11am - 2pm, Tuesdays - Fridays. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

  • Brown bag lunches may be also eaten outside on our grassy campus, along the Oval Plaza, or beside the Mini Zoo.