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A New Look at Science Literacy: The Next Generation

Today there is growing agreement that literacy (writing, reading, speaking, viewing, and listening) is at the center of all learning. And, a growing body of research and practice in science instruction indicates language is essential for science learning. Language allows students to clarify their ideas, make claims, present arguments, and record and present findings. Also, it enables students to continue to learn, reflect, and communicate about science issues throughout their lives.

As the most important place for informal learning of science in Taiwan, the Museum's definition of science literacy emphasizes the link between science knowledge and literacy skills. The Museum has established a new vision which aims to inspire and motivate our children to achieve their full potential in the field of science, and to prepare the next generation to actively contribute to a global society that is being shaped by science and technology.

In addition to developing and launching long-term strategies that provide a comprehensive suite of science education programs, the Museum is going to host an international symposium "A New Look at Science Literacy: The Next Generation". The symposium which brings together scholars from USA and South Korea and local professors from well-known universities will focus on integrating literacy and science instruction, maximizing student learning in both areas, and affording students enough time to practice crucial communication skills.

We warmly invite all interested teachers, administrators, scientists, and informal educators to participate at the symposium!