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4D Birth of the Dinosaurs

To attract and engage more people in natural science, the National Museum of Natural Science is always trying to offer a wide range of programs or events related to its exhibitions for people of all ages, which combine science, art, drama, literature, and technology in ways that encourage visitors, particularly kids, to actively discover and examine concepts for themselves.

"4D Birth of the Dinosaurs" is a striking program presented by the Museum in collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom, a leading integrated telecommunications service provider in Taiwan to create an interactive environment for the current special exhibition "Birth of the Dinosaurs - Egg and Embryo Fossils from China".

Walk along the Pathway of Evolution with dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous via GPS with free mobile App. Upon arriving at the Main Square, visitors see themselves on a 280-inch LED display through the use of augmented reality and motion tracking, allowing them to interact with a variety of dinosaurs including Megalosaurus,Tyrannosaurus, Oviraptorosaur, Troodontid, and Therizinosaurid. Even adults are actually excited like a kid at the Square, and will happily have visited the Museum to see these giant creatures. Then, visitors are suggested to take a close look at real dinosaur's eggs in the "Birth of the Dinosaurs" exhibition. Three types of dino-egg cards including Troodontid eggs, Oviraptorosaur egg with embryo, and Therizinosaurid eggs are available at the entrance to the "Birth of the Dinosaurs" gallery. Scan the dino-egg cards and use your cell phone to create a dinosaur in 3D, which makes it stand up on your palm!

"We want to offer a variety of engaging opportunities that inspire and motivate our children to achieve their full potential in natural science," said Museum Director Sun Wei-hsin. "We also like to expand our exhibitions to include more interactive elements to invite greater numbers of people to participate in the Museum and become a part of a unique dynamic experience," added Sun.

"4D Birth of the Dinosaurs" is truly an event like no other. We bet that this experience will generate excitement, expand interests and deepen understanding of natural science. Steps of enjoying the journey: Step 1: Download "Junaio" App to start your journey. Step 2: Scan the 4D picture of "Birth of the Dinosaurs" on the ground, and walk along the tracks of dinosaurs to the Museum. Step 3: Scan the 4D picture of "Dinosaur Garden" on the Museum Square. Step 4: Walk with the dinosaurs into the "Birth of the Dinosaurs" gallery.