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The Wildscreen Festival is the world’s leading international festival celebrating and advancing storytelling about the natural world. The 2016 WildView Taiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen, the U.K-based education charity awarding the “Green Oscars”– either as award-winners or nominees, brings you some fabulous activities at the National Museum of Natural Science! Twenty films recognized by WildView Taiwan are screening at 10am and 2pm in the Museum’s Red Conference Room from July 16 to August 26 when the day falls on Wednesdays and weekends. The film festival combining education and recreation is a great chance for people aged 6 and above to gain an insight into the natural world, to feel part of it and protect it, and to learn and grow creatively. Each of the free screenings is open to 200 people. Also, there will be six post-screening discussions led by experts to help viewers learn more about the subjects.  

  • Doors for films at the Red Conference Room open 20 minutes prior to film start time, and close 15 minutes after film start time.
  • For more information, please call 04-23226940 ext. 672, 670, 671, 674, or 675.
7/16(Sat.)10:00Planet Parrot
14:00David Attenborough's Rise of Animals: From the Seas to the Skies
Discussant: Dr. Chang Chun-hsiang (Chair of the Museum’s Geology Dept.)
14:00First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird's story
7/20(Wed.)10:00Sand Wars
14:00Saving Luna
7/23(Sat.)10:00My Life as a Turkey
14:00Dolphins - Spy in the Pod
Discussant: Dr. Yao Chiu-ru (Curator of the Museum’s Biology Dept.)
7/24(Sun.)10:00Your Inner Fish, Episode 1
14:00The Legend of Pale Male
7/27(Wed.)10:00Hidden Kingdoms: Under Open Skies
14:00The Forest: Realm of Shadows
7/30(Sat.)10:00Inside Nature's Giants-The Giraffe
14:00Billion Dollar Fish
Discussant: Dr. Cheng Ching-hsian (Professor of Life Science Dept., Ching-hwa University)
7/31(Sun.)10:00Eye of the Leopard
14:00Flight of the Butterflies/Secrets of Bones
Discussant : Dr. He Han-chen (Professor of Medical Dept., Tzu Chi University)
8/03(Wed.)10:00Miracle in the Marshes of Iraq
14:00Wild Place of Essex
8/06(Sat.)10:00Saving Luna
Discussant: Mr. Wang Cheng-chi (Chief Secretary of WildView Taiwan Nature Communication Society)
8/07(Sun.)10:00David Attenborough's Rise of Animals: From the Seas to the Skies
14:00Inside Nature's Giants-The Giraffe
8/10(Wed.)10:00My Life as a Turkey
14:00Hidden Kingdoms: Under Open Skies
8/13(Sat.)10:00The Legend of Pale Male
14:00Sand Wars
Discussant: Dr. Hong Mong-chi (Curator of Endemic Species Research Institute, COA, Executive Yuan)
8/14(Sun.)10:00The Forest: Realm of Shadows
14:00Dolphins - Spy in the Pod
8/17(Wed.)10:00Billion Dollar Fish
14:00Planet Parrot
8/20(Sat.)10:00Eye of the Leopard
14:00Your Inner Fish, Episode 1
Discussant: Dr. Liu De-hsiang (Chair of the Museum’s Science Education Dept.)
8/21(Sun.)10:00Flight of the Butterflies/Secrets of Bones
14:00Miracle in the Marshes of Iraq
8/24(Wed.)10:00Wild Place of Essex
14:00Dolphins - Spy in the Pod
8/28(Sun.)10:00First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird's story
14:00Your Inner Fish, Episode 1