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The Kenting National Park located in the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County,Taiwan is known for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation, and plenty of different corals. It hosts rich terrestrial biodiversity of fauna and flora ranging from upland to coast with a full variety of living species. In fact, the National Museum of Natural Science, a leading role in exploration, discovery, and theoretical advances in the natural sciences in Taiwan, has long-standing research and capacity development collaborations with Kenting scientists. Museum scientists have led a number of expeditions and field projects to the Hengchun Peninsula over the past 30 years. Under the agreement signed on Friday, August 12, the Park will be the Museum’s official repository for natural history specimens from Hengchun Peninsula.

Official ceremony was opened at 10:00am by the two directors in the Museum’s guest room. In his welcoming speech the Museum Director Sun Wei-hsin underlined importance of the rich natural resources on Hengchun Peninsula for the Museum’s collection, research, and sustainable use. He also expressed his gratitude towards the Kenting partner and highlighted that Hengchun Peninsula is a rich repository of species for the museum scientists’ research and inventory and monitoring activities. “It is hoped that our people will pay more attention to the real treasure in the nature instead of the virtual creatures Pokemon,” said Sun.

MOU between NMNS and KNP

“The purpose of national parks is to preserve a country’s unique landscape, wildlife, and cultural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations, and to serve as resources for science, education, recreation, and enlightenment,” said Park Director Liu Pe-dong at the press conference, “Since its establishment in 1984 as the first national park in Taiwan, the Park has been working hard to conserve our wild nature for posterity and as a symbol of national pride.” “Through the cooperation with the Museum, we are glad that we find new and efficient models of natural resource use and sustain our natural resources for perpetual us.”

MOU between NMNS and KNP MOU between NMNS and KNP
After signing the partnership agreement, Liu presented two skulls of Formosan sika deer to the Museum as the first initiative cooperation.

With the MOU signing, the two organizations will officially begin cooperating to safeguard and promote endangering and endemic species of Taiwan as well as to support natural conservation in Taiwan and around the world. 

  • Excerpt from the MOU between National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS) and Kenting National Park (KNP):
    1. Recognizing the mutual interest of the NMNS and the KNP in managing specimen collection, and promoting the sustainable use of the natural resources.
    2. Noting the mutual interest of the NMNS and the KNP in establishing partnership for the purpose of scientific research, natural resource management, education and outreach cooperation.
    3. Understanding the mutual interest of the NMNS and the KNP in cross-promoting events and cross-offering professional skills and knowledge to each other.