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Agreement between NMNS and Tunghai University

The National Museum of Natural Science opened its doors to the public in 1986. Since then, we have intended to communicate a better understanding of our mission and dictate basic ethical responsibilities, which illuminate current and historical records of biology, geology, paleontology, anthropology, and more. It has been recognized that we benefit from a high degree of public trust. To maintain that confidence, we have being made every effort to develop strong programs of exhibits and education for the public and state-of-the-art collections care and research facilities. Tunghai University, established in 1955, located on the level plateau of Taichung’s Tatu Mountain, is the first and only educational institution in Taiwan that offers a complete education program from kindergarten to PhD, enrolling more than 17,000 students and close to 500 teachers in all of its programs. Like the NMNS, Tunghai’s constant pursuit of excellence in both teaching and overall university development has been publicly recognized. Dr. Sun Wei-hsin, Director at the National Museum of Natural Science and Dr. Wang Mao-jiun, President, Tunghai University, announced today a multi-year agreement to work together to elevate research, enhance educational opportunities for students and the public, and highlight their academic alignment. Now, the Museum and Tunghai University are becoming mutually beneficial partners. As a matter of fact, the two institutions have partnered on academic collaboration since 1998 when dozens of museum curators gave instructions at Tunghai, and many of them are still teaching there. Their courses ranging from life science to humanities and arts are committed to enriching higher education through excellence in teaching, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and creative integration of the museum into student life.

“The National Museum of Natural Science is delighted to be working with Tunghai University on a whole new level,” said Sun, the Museum Director. “Collaboration with educational institutions has always been an intended direction for museums’ development,” added Sun. ”There is a natural synergy between our organizations, which is based on our overlapping education and research work as well as our shared understanding of the importance of igniting and fueling people’s passion for science and nature through fun experiences. By signing this official agreement, we look to the future that both the Museum and the University can be hubs of creativity and innovation, and generate more aspects in teaching and sharing.”

“This historic partnership marks what is sure to be the beginning of a long relationship between two respected Taichung institutions, allowing both organizations to benefit from educational resources,” said President Wang. “Through our strategic collaboration we not only work together in technology community, but we are establishing a foundation on science, humanities, social studies, arts, and creative design.” “The agreement between our two institutions will not only bring resources into the campus, but also root deeper into high schools and colleges,” concluded Wang.

    Areas where the Museum and the University could work together include:
  • Training and support of each other’s staff in research, engagement and public impact.
  • Exchange of staff and promotion of development activities.
  • Offering challenging and comprehensive internships for students who are interested in popular science.