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DaDa’s Magic Science Camp

Light — the ethereal glow that inspires countless painters and poets, the first part of the electromagnetic spectrum that humans discovered — is about to take center stage. Based on the science of light, optics and photonics are specialized fields of physics and engineering. These technologies are prevalent in almost every aspect of day-to-day life. From your computer screen to your cell phone and car headlight, optics and photonics are critical technologies that will continue to grow and enhance people’s lives. AUO (AU Optronics Corporation), one of the world’s leading providers of optoelectronic solutions, has been utilizing diverse applications and technologies to transform people’s visual experiences through their displays, while Yuan T. Lee Science Education for All, which was found by the famed chemist Lee Yuan-tseh in 1994, has been promoting science education among young and disadvantaged students. As the leading institute of natural science in Taiwan, the National Museum of Natural Science, we always believe that we can play a significant role in supplementing classroom science education.

The Museum will kick off the New Year 2017 with a new program ‘DaDa’s Magic Science Camp’ in collaboration with the two respected Taiwan organizations. DaDa’s Science Camp will excite and engage middle high school students 13-15 who love to get hands-on activities and exhibit strong abilities in optics and photonics. The Camp will utilize hands-on learning principles to explore the technologies of optics and photonics and bring photo electronics to life in exciting, interactive ways that are sure to inspire! Also, campers will have blast exploring experiences of visiting the Museum’s exhibitions including the DaDa’s Magic World on the lower level of the Science Center, and much more in ways so much fun. Camps are offered at no cost to underprivileged junior high school students only. Nearly 800 disadvantaged children are expected to benefit from 10 one-day science camps every year. The Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony held at the Museum on December 17, 2016, initiated the Multi-Year Program Plan.

“Optics is becoming increasingly popular, so understanding the fundamental of the field is useful to anyone who has a passion for science,” says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AUO, Paul SL Peng. “We chose to benefit exclusively for underprivileged junior high school students because they are still mostly undecided about what field they might want to pursue and due to one of our uncompromising core values – Caring for Society,” explains Peng. “Applying doesn’t require good grades,” he adds.

Peng (middle), Ma (left), and Sun (right)
At the signing ceremony, the CEO of Yuan T. Lee Science Education for All, Ma Hui-lan appreciates the effort, professionalism, dedication and empathy that AUO and the Museum showed in science education in Taiwan. “As a private, non-profit foundation, we focus on the prevalence of science education, especially for children who tend to get less resources,” says Ma, “Appreciation is that keeps our three organizations connected!”

Museum Director Sun Wei-hsin points out that the Museum has been making every effort to be a catalyst in promoting children’s natural curiosity and love of the scientific world and to ignite their passion for nature and science. “We try to expose them to as much as possible to give them confidence and inspire them to take more science classes in high school,” says Sun. “Also, we are creating our Museum as a dialogue places of multivariate exhibitions!”

Look forward to sharing ideas at DaDa’ Magic Science Camps!