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Winter Vacation Camps

When school is out, camp is in! Camps at the National Museum of Natural Science feature hands-on learning, games and activities designed to cultivate the minds and muscles of children ages 6-18. Each camp includes relevant literature exploration, art activities, and plenty of free play within its 5-venue complex, Botanical Garden, 921 Earthquake Park @ Wufong, Bird & Ecology Park @ Lugu, or Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park @ Chushan. Give yourself or your children a fruitful camp experience!

Rooster Announcement Camp

Who: 2nd-6th graders in elementary school (born Sep. 1, 2004 – Sep. 1, 2009)
What: The Museum’s Botanical Garden provides an exciting and educational environment for children to explore science, nature and art in a 4.5-hectare outdoor classroom and the Tropical Rainforest Conservatory. Celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Rooster 2017, the Garden offers a series of programs that invite audiences to engage with artists, exhibits and works on view on a deeper level. Moreover, audiences can create a do-it-yourself gift of their own!
Where: The Museum’s Botanical Garden
Dates for the Program: 1/23 –2/6, 2017
Fee: TWD 350/per program
Camp Online Registration: Camps are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Due to high demand for camp spaces, all sales are considered final. Camps that are full will be posted as such on our website.
Nuts & Bolts:
  1. It is imperative that you listen and pay attention to the instructors at all times. It is understood that everyone plays a role in safety, for your own safety for the safety other participants as well.
  2. Because some of our time might take place out of doors,
    -> long sleeved shirts, long pants, raincoats, rain boots, hats, suntan lotion, and insect repellent are recommended.
    -> avoiding using fragrances is recommended.
  3. Meet at the Garden’s Research & Education Center 10 minutes prior to start time, program is special situations dependent, and there are no make-ups.
  4. Three missed classes that have not been reported, prior to the class being missed, will result in the loss of the Museum online registration for half a year.
  5. Please check our website for updates.
  6. For more information, please call 04-23226940 ext. 165

Life Science Camp

Who: Senior high school students in Taiwan (Born Sep. 1, 1998 – Aug. 31, 2001)
What: The NMNS recognizes the importance of high school students gaining access to quality educational programs in life science field. In partnership with Chung Shan Medical University, we offer the wonderful program directed at high school students in Taiwan and the greater Taichung area. In addition to taking a close look at the Museum’s collections, participants can expect to look into the areas of molecular biology, biomedicine, medical technology, biotechnology, genetics, and much more! The camp also offers students exciting and innovative ways to get hands-on experience with important life science concepts.
Where: National Museum of Natural Science and Chung Shan Medical University
Dates for the Program: Jan. 23, 24 & 25
Fee: TWD2,800/per person; The camp fee includes daily lunch, snack and transportation, plus insurance, materials, and tuition. (Accommodation is not included.)
Online Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Camp maximum capacity is 120 students, so register early.
Please call 04-23226940 ext. 248 or fax 04-23336940 for more information.

Fern and Fern Allies Camp

Who: Kids ages 6 (1st graders in elementary school) and above
What: Taiwan is one of the global diversity centers of pteridophytes (ferns, and plants allied to them) with more than 700 species. They don’t grow colorful flowers or bear any fruits. Their leaves and structures are so unique and diverse. They are increasingly applied to daily usages in human lives, such as food, ornamentals, pharmacies… etc. How much do you know about this magical plant? The Museum’s Botanical Garden offers Fern and Fern Allies Camp to children and general audiences to facilitate their understanding of ferns and to experience the art of pressed flower.
Where: The Museum’s Botanical Garden
Dates for the Program: February 4 & March 4, 2017
Fee: 100TWD/per person/per program
Online Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Camp maximum capacity is 30 persons per program, so register early.
Please call 04-23226940 ext. 165 for more information.