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Online Learning

The National Museum of Natural Science has a 30-year-long history of collecting plant, animal, geological and anthropological specimens to document the diversity of the planet. Today more than 1.3 million zoological, botanical, geological, paleontological, and anthropological specimens are held within the Museum’s 18 well-equipped storage rooms.

As the leading role in the field of natural science in Taiwan, the Museum always makes every effort to harness the interactive capabilities of online environments to provide active teaching and learning experiences for diverse learners and communities, and officially starts its Online Collection on Saturday, August 1, 2015. A series of virtual tours capture the in-gallery experience, while allowing users to zoom into the museum’s collections around the clock and out of geographical reach as well. We promise that our online programs will be expanded continuously in the coming years.

Join us now and get membership benefits! Make the smart choice!

Basic 1; NT$1002 free tickets (IMAX, 3D, or galleries)
Basic 20; NT$1,40040 free tickets (IMAX, 3D, or galleries)
Basic 40; NT$2,80080 free tickets (IMAX, 3D, or galleries)
Premier 1; NT$50,000500 free tickets (IMAX, 3D, or galleries)

  • Members receive priority for the face-to-face talk related to the current online exhibition “Rocks” with the scientist at 3PM, September 15, 2017.
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