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Lectures Accompanying Exhibition
Waiting for the Moment > Through a Hidden Lens” Exhibition

Images are becoming increasingly important as a way to share and communicate the science with a boarder audience, because a great image can capture a moment, communicate a message, and stir emotion; it can also help us to share the various aspects of the scientific work and communicate scientific phenomena.

The National Museum of Natural Science initiated the Science Image Contest in 2013, and held a series of accompanying events such as special exhibitions, educational programs, and lectures. The Contest aims to encourage all science lovers to capture their favorite views, moments and adventures in the nature, to convey or illustrate knowledge about science, and to let the public discover a new world of science.

The 2017 contest launched by the National Museum of Natural Science in collaboration with Beijing Museum of Natural History was a huge success, with so many images capturing amazing moments in science and research. The lectures are part of a series of events accompanying the exhibition ‘Waiting for the Moment > Through a Hidden Lens’, 8 July, 2017 – 7 January, 2018.

Join us to meet the contest winners at our Multiuse Theater on Saturday morning, 16 September, 2017. Gain a deeper understanding into their winning submissions and share their passion, motivation, and experience.

  • Lectures are free of charge.
  • 200 science or insect lovers of aged 8 or above are accepted.
  • The lecture attendance will be authenticated for government employees and teachers.
  • Online registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please call 04-23220940 ext. 545 for more information.