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Plant-Adventure Day Camp

NMNS, Oct. 26, 2017 - Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park, which became one of the Museum's divisions in the end of January, 2013, is a beautiful district for nature lovers. Covering an area of 33 hectares, the Park features abundant natural resources and ecosystems though it was seriously damaged by 921 Earthquake in 1999 and Typhoon Taraji in 2001.

Specifically designed by the park staff, this plant adventure is a one-day exploration of the plants in the Park for children and their parents. This unit develops the idea that plants are truly alive and face challenges every bit as dramatic as those of animals. Children will learn that plants have needs, and will reason from evidence to understand how plants meet their needs. Their attention will be drawn to exciting connections they can observe in their everyday world, and more.

Walk with people that know the plants and where to find them in the Park! Visit our online registration system to register for the camp now!

  • Location: Fonghuanggu Bird and Ecology Park @ Lugu
  • Date: Saturday, November 25, 2017
  • Camp Fee: NT$300/per person (Admission, insurance and DIY material included.)
  • Please note that the camp fee does not include lunch or travel costs.
  • Participant number: 50 (We reserve the right to cancel the camp if participation numbers do not reach to 20.)
  • For your convenience and safety, please wear pants and sneakers and bring your own lunch, suntan lotion, rain gear, and water bottle with you. (We have informal diners and snack bars in the Park.)
  • You have to have your own transportation getting to the Park. Click here for getting there.
  • Please contact Miss Liu at or 049-2753100 ext. 105 with any questions!