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The Museum's New Mascots: Lily & Bubi the T-rexes

NMNS, Oct. 28, 2017- This weekend the Museum launched a party unveiling and celebrating the new mascots Lily and Bubi two T-rexes as the Museum’s newest members.

New MascotsThis September, NMNS announced that they welcomed their 90,000,000th visitor since the establishment in 1986 and would present a series of dinosaurs as their new mascots. “We would like to generate as much engagement as possible, and to find something organically associated with the NMNS, reflecting our collective history,” said Director Sun Wei-hsin at the press conference. “We believe that our new mascots will become very popular and memorable ambassadors of the Museum,” noted Sun.

Last fall, the NMNS developed an idea of having a new mascot to welcome its 90,000,000th visitor. Immediately, a team was formed to take over the job. Shortly, the dinosaurs were selected by questionnaires of general public, museum professional, faculty and staff as the Museum’s representative icon. The team then asked assistance from professional illustrators and designers. The designers convened several meetings with the team to go over proposed designs. Our team selected a final series of design. The process, from start to finish, took approximately one year, and involved many people on the museum campus from virtually every department.

On Friday, October 27, Lily and Bubi, the T-rexes were first met the public at the unveiling ceremony. Loaded with historical and scientific significance, the two brand-new vivid dinosaur mascots revealed elements of the museum logo and the museum flower.

New Mascots New MascotsLily is named after the Museum’s mascot flower Lilium speciosum (local name: showy lily), which was relocated successfully by the Museum’s curators, and dominated as the museum flower in 2002, while Bubi’s name is a playful contraction of the blue color of the Museum logo and its assumed age of a baby. New Mascots New MascotsBoth of them - as an exciting introduction to natural history and as an awe-inspiring visual icon as well - have the job of giving concrete form to the Museum spirit, igniting our community’s passion for nature and science as a catalyst.

We hope you like Lily and Bubi!