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Forest Eco-Explorers

The evergreen forests in Central Taiwan with so many broadleaf species available are the dominant species of forest in the world. Due to the complexity of climate feedback systems and ecosystem processes, the current and future interactions between the subtropical low- and mid-elevation broadleaf forests and climate change processes become a complex topic.

What: The Museum's Naturalist Center has an array of plant samples including seeds, leaves, logs, branches etc. for visitors to investigate and stories behind them to explore. To offer a balance of in-classroom learning and outdoor field experiences, the Center hosts the day camp that features discovery-based learning, experienced educators, and loads of fun. Kids as well as adults will discover the wonders of the broadleaf plants and their habitats in Central Taiwan's low- and mid-elevation forests through hands-on outdoor exploration, stories, arts/crafts, and more.

Who: Children 6-12 years of age. Campers in the program must be accompanied by an adult.

When: Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

Where: Lienhuachih Research Center, Yuchi, Nantou & Wood Utilization Factory of NTU Experimental Forest, Suili, Nantou.

Camp Fees: NT$ 2,400/per child and his/her caregiver (Transportation, lunch, guided tours, DIY materials and insurance included)

Registration: Online registration only, which begins at 10AM, December 5 and ends December 18, 2017. Visit our registration system to register. Register early; Space is limited to 18 children and 18 accompanying adults and is on a first-come-first-served basis. Questions regarding the program? Please contact us at 04-23226940 ext. 545.

Refund policy: Fees are refundable if requested 15 days prior to the camp day (10% for processing fee applies); 8-14 days (30%); 2-7 days (50%); No refunds will be given starting the camp day. The National Museum of Natural Science has the right to cancel the camp, if the number of attendees does not reach to 15 in each camp, or due to any irresistible reasons. In those cases fees are 100% refundable.