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::: The Legend of Sarila

The Legend of SarilaDirected by Nancy Florence Savard, The Legend of Sarila is the first 3D animation feature made in Quebec, Canada. This Inuit-inspired family flick charts the life-changing adventures of three boys struggling to survive a famine in the North Pole.

Long before snowmobiles and rescue helicopters, the Inuit defied the elements of nature and lived their life in snow and cold. Life is harsh and challenging even at the best of times for them. Suddenly all the animals in the area disappear, leaving the hunters empty-handed. The community is on the brink of famine and the survival of the tribe is threatened. The brave youth Markussi realizes that drastic measures are required. He sets out with his two friends embark on a dangerous journey in search for the legendary paradise Sarila, which is said to be rich in fish and fruit. Many obstacles are lurking in the wild nature, and to make matters worse, the jealous shaman Kiliq is determined to disrupt the youths' plan…….

The Legend of Sarila is a beautiful animated adventure that gives us a good insight into this indigenous people's culture and customs. At the same time, the film tells a universal story of hope, courage, friendship and finding one's own worth. The film can also be complemented by the Museum's educational offerings.

  • Release Date: January 1, 2014
  • Runtime: 18 min
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