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Return to the Lost World

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3D TaiwanThis is Taiwan's first documentary filmed in three-dimensional technology featuring vibrant footages of the island's beautiful landscapes. What further sets it apart from ordinary landscape documentaries is the narrative of a broken-hearted heroine traveling solo through Taiwan. She carries beautiful pictures of the land and sea-the only mementos of love remaining between her and her past boyfriend-to piece together her story.

Filmed from the perspective of a foreign visitor, the film conveys a clear understanding of Taiwan's environment and natural scenes. Through foreign eyes, local residents once again renew their wonder and amazement for scenes that had become mundane and familiar.

Interweaving logical and intuitive elements, the film gives the audience a three-dimensional, close-up look into Taiwan's culture, tradition, arts and natural sceneries.

In this feature we bring a new skill set to 3D filming such as high speed capturing, underwater S3D recording, and micro filming.

  • Release Date: July 1, 2014
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