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Museum AliveEver wondered what it is like to explore a museum after dark? Embark on an adventure through the Natural History Museum in London with naturalist David Attenborough as your guide.

Written and presented by Sir David Attenborough, Museum Alive is a 2014 documentary, which was filmed at the Natural History Museum, London. This 21-minute 3D essential film, with its ground-breaking CGI technology, is a special collaboration of experts and curators from the Natural History Museum.

Sir David Attenborough takes us on a nocturnal adventure through London’s famous Natural History Museum. When the last visitor leaves, the doors are locked and night falls, the esteemed naturalist roams the museum halls and corridors, encountering fascinating and extinct creatures that move, interact, and make sound. Through the wonderfully vivid CGI effects and clever use of 3D, all the creatures that roamed the earth in prehistoric times are brought to life right in front of our eyes. Attenborough provides fascinating details about each creature in a clear and accessible but not overly simplistic fashion. Imagine face-to-face with these creatures while discovering the important scientific discoveries museum specimens reveal!

This is a fascinating exploration of our zoological past. The documentary was well-received, and won Best 3D Documentary in the Advanced Imaging Society Lumiere, Best Earth Sciences in Jackson Hole SMASH, and Best Specialist Factual in BAFTA. Come and experience this amazing film in our sensational 3D Theater!

  • Runtime: 21 minutes
  • Showtime: Every half-hour; 9:30AM – 4:30PM
  • Note to Parents: Some scenes of creature action and descriptions of animal behavior may be alarming for small children.
  • More info on the film:
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