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yellow birdYELLOWBIRD directed by Christian De Vita is a 2014 CG-animated feature film produced by Paris-based TeamTO Studio. Yellowbird is a tiny and timid bird that falls from his nest and loses his family. He befriends Ladybug who encourages him to break free and see the world. On his first venture out into the world, he meets Darius, a patriarch of a migratory bird family that is about to leave for winter migration to Africa. Darius dies, and it's Yellowbird's destiny to lead the flock to Africa for the winter. With the help of Darius's charming daughter Delf, the group has an exciting adventure that sends them to Paris, Holland, and over the vast Ocean.

The story is a typical rehashing of a generic protagonist moving from self-doubt to hero as he and his friends embark on an adventure of discovery and peril. Its beautifully animated, simple story of an obstacle-filled bird migration is both comic and suspenseful. Several scenes find the flock in danger as they fly over the continents, with both missteps and threats making things very difficult and sometimes very funny. Finally, the teeny and timid Yellowbird turns out an “Iron Bird”, and knows there is nothing to be feared but a solution to the problems.

In this exquisitely animated tale of bravery, independence and the true meaning of friendship, families, children will learn important lessons about honesty, the nature of family and friend, admitting mistakes, and doing the right thing.

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