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::: Brilliant 30

Brilliant 30Brilliant 30, an archive film to mark the Museum's 30th anniversary, documents the Museum's development from its very beginning in the temporary planning office at Chung Hsing University and its groundbreaking at the current location, outlines its four major functions of collection, research, exhibit, and education, describes the dramatic joining of its three Parks (921 Earthquake Education Park @ Wufong, Chelungup Fault Preservation Park @ Chushan, and Fonghuanggu Bird & Ecology Park @ Lugu), and includes footage of volunteers interacting with visitors.

Using high-resolution panorama photography in conjunction with 28 projectors, five laser light scatterings, and twelve articulating small screens, Brilliant 30 provides a succinct and engaging portrait of the Museum's enormous work in the past. On the 360-degree screen, visitors can view every important aspect occurred in the Museum, from the reconstruction of the astronomical clock tower to the preservation of the giant squid, from the insanely long lines waiting for 2000 Ancient Egypt in front of the Museum to the hustle and bustle of visitors filled in the Zoological State Collection Munich for 2012 Singing Insects, from Curator Gu Shih-hong's academic work on pheromone to Huang Wen-shan's passenger pigeon and Chang Chun-hsiang's Penghu 1, …etc.. In addition, Brilliant 30 immerses viewers in the dramatic joining of the Museum's three Parks and their roles in serving the public, and records the dynasties of a large group of active volunteers who contribute to the work of the Museum in many different ways. Last but not least, the film provides full reviews of a variety of events hosted at or by the Museum such as lectures, tours, concerts, dramas, camps, and appreciation parties.

Brilliant 30 enables visitors to gain a greater understanding of the Museum.

  • Admission to the Environment Theater is free with the exhibition gallery ticket.
  • Every show with maximum of 146 persons.
  • Group booking accepted Tuesday – Friday (maximum of 80 persons).
  • Group booking not accepted on weekends, holidays, and during vacations.
  • Toll-free call for group booking: 0800-432310.
  • Show times: 11:00 & 14:00
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