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::: Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable FisheriesAs a small island surrounded by oceans, people in Taiwan have gotten used to seeing a dazzling variety of seafood on the market. Can you imagine that the fresh and delicious seafood might disappear from your table some day?

The 14-minute documentary “Sustainable Fisheries” recounts Taiwan’s fishery industry from hardship to prosperity. The audience will understand the local features of Taiwan’s fishery industry from the most representative fish species such as mullet, milkfish, and tuna. Most important of all, “Sustainable Fisheries” tells the audience that Taiwan’s fishery industry has peaked and begun a decline, with valuable habitats such as estuaries and coral reefs, in critical condition.

How will we prevent our fishery from resulting in a collapse? What should we do to make our fisheries sustainable for our future generations? Why are we duty-bound to comply with international conventions and fulfill responsibilities in international fisheries? “Sustainable Fisheries” will tell you!

  • Admission to the Environment Theater is free with the exhibition gallery ticket.
  • Every show with maximum of 146 persons.
  • Group booking accepted Tuesday – Friday (maximum of 80 persons).
  • Group booking not accepted on weekends, holidays, and during vacations.
  • Toll-free call for group booking: 0800-432310.
  • Show times: 11:00 & 14:00
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