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::: Life under the Arctic Sky

Life under the Arctic Sky is a new feature show made by Mirage 3D in Holland with the cooperation of Winner 3D Audio & Video Corp in Taiwan. The film is a time lapse in a series showcasing the wonderful and amazing nature in Arctic region, including the northern lights and auroras. It also features the Sami people's (the indigenous people of the Arctic) rich culture and traditions, and the cause of auroras as well.

In addition to the northern lights, highlights of the film are the reindeer migration and dogsledding trips. A total of ten film trips and 105 days were made to the Arctic to capture the northern lights, the Sami’s and their reindeer and the beautiful Arctic scenery. Audiences will also learn the formation of four seasons through vivid animation, and learn about where is the best place to watch the Northern Lights, or when is the best time to watch for aurora displays.

It will be a good choice for you to enjoy the arctic scenery in hot summer days at out IMAX Theater!

  • Runtime: 35 min
  • Showtime: 13:30 & 15:30 (July 4,11,18,25) and 12:00 (July 18, 25)
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