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Under the Sea (Poster)Under the Sea, an IMAX  adventure, transports you to some exotic and isolated undersea locations on Earth and allows you to experience face-to-face encounters with some of the most mysterious and stunning creatures of the sea. Under the Sea offers a uniquely inspirational and entertaining way to explore the beauty and natural wonder of the oceans, as well as the impact of global climate change. In IMAX, the images will literally leap off the screen and float around the theater, putting you in the movie.

Under the Sea, the latest IMAX deep-sea-dive exploration (brought to you by the fisheye’s point of view), is expectedly rudimentary but a splendor to watch. Scouring the dark, plunging waters of Southern Australia, New Guinea and several other endangered oceanic worlds in the Indo-Pacific region, documentary filmmaker Howard Hall and his loyal production crew (the folks responsible for Deep Sea 3D and Into the Deep 3D) weave in and out of the ever-glowing, swirling waters of the coral reef, armed with a heavy-duty IMAX-3D camera. Hall’s presence, however, is rightly relegated to behind the scenes, as the fish are the true stars of this show. No matter how odd-looking, from the leafy sea-dragon to the stonefish’s rough exterior, Hull opens a wondrous window into the daily habits and routines of these captivatingly unordinary sea creatures.

The epic vistas and shorelines of the surrounding terrain are a vision to behold as well. Beaming pulsating colors and incredible sea-life onto the silver screen, this union of 3D and IMAX technologies brings these alien territories and species to our fingertips, if somewhat overwhelms the senses in the process. Every single species impresses us with its singular adaptation to ocean conditions. And the rhythm of the film perfectly captures the rhythm of the ocean, so that we quickly leave the workaday world behind amidst the profound stillness and singular beauty of this remarkable underwater environment.

Come on, let’s go Under the Sea!

Location: IMAX Space Theater, Science Center
Run Time: 40 minutes
Showtimes: Tue – Fri: 11:00, 13:20, 15:30
       Sat – Sun & holidays: 9:00, 11:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30

Go to for details about Under the Sea.

  • Under the Sea playing in our IMAX Space Theater is narrated in Chinese. If you like to hear the original English narration by Jim Carrey, please let us know when you purchase tickets.

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