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::: Forces of Nature

Coral Reef Adventure"Forces of Nature", a National Geographic film, produced by Graphic Films and made possible in part by the National Science Foundation, showcases the awesome spectacle of earthquakes, volcanoes and severe storms as we follow three scientists at work. Their groundbreaking questions: how are natural disasters triggered, and what can we do to prepare for them?

It is one thing to contemplate the immense power of nature; another to experience these forces first-hand. "Forces of Nature" showcases the natural disasters in larger than life images and sounds. Audiences will not only follow scientists to the very brink of erupting volcanoes, into the paths of deadly pyroclastic flows, along massive fault lines, and aboard vehicles barreling toward severe and tornadic storms, but also learn what is being done to predict and prepare for these events in an effort to minimize their deadly effects, as they come face-to-face with Earth's most destructive forces.

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