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See the Earth from space
without ever leaving the ground!


The Museum has just set up Science On a Sphere (SOS) in a permanent exhibit space on the lower level of the Global Environment Hall. It is the closest you can get to looking at Earth and our cosmic neighbors from space without suiting up and blasting off. This innovative scientific visualization system developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is an educational tool to help illustrate Earth system and Space science to people of all ages.

The 6-foot-diameter, solid carbon fiber globe suspended from the ceiling is loaded with data sets from the NOAA and NASA, and creates animated images of the atmosphere, oceans, and land of a planet through four projectors. It allows you to experience a series of different “shows” about, and snapshots of, our planet and our cosmic neighbors. You can watch a hurricane form, as a small storm slowly gathers strength, traveling westward from Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean, toward the Gulf of Mexico. You can see the colorful infrared images of cloud tops meet, join, grow, collapse and disperse. You can watch dust blow across the surface of Mars. You can even observe the movements on the faults that resulted in the 2005 South Asia and 2008 Sichuan Earthquakes. You can see the climate of the past and present. And then… be able to project into the future, what the climate would be like. Imagine… we could plan for the future. Imagine… the many possibilities.

Science On a Sphere! A spectacular look at our world and at the universe……The new Science on a Sphere display in the atrium at the lower level of the Global Environment Hall will be a popular attraction in the Museum.

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