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The Science of Aliens

The 4th Special Exhibition Gallery, Life Science Hall
November 2, 2013 - February 9, 2014

The myths underlying our culture and underlying our common sense have not taught us to feel identical with the universe,
but only parts of it, only in it, only confronting it – aliens.
─ Alan Watts ─
The Science of Aliens developed by 'The Science of … Company' is a touring exhibition that launched at the London Science Museum in October 2005. The Science of Aliens has traveled across Europe, North America and Asia attracting millions of visitors from all walks of life looking to experience both factual and fictional information about life in the universe, as well as in-depth exploration of the vastness of the Milk Way. Now, aliens are landing Taiwan and invading the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung!

The exhibition, which runs in the Museum's 4th exhibition gallery from Nov. 2, 2013 through Feb. 9, 2014, explores the whole culture and science of aliens. Our imagination of aliens and what they might really look like is the theme of the exhibition. First in the exhibition, you will meet some well-known sci-fi aliens. From ET to Navi in Avatar, whether they are conquerors or benefactors, whether they are cute, scary or highly intelligent, you can get into the furthest reaches of their imagination. They are presented in the exhibition through a variety of media for you to revisit. Next you will explore what scientists can tell us about the possibilities for alien life by studying Earth and Space. Here you meet water bears - the world's toughest animal - and some weird deep sea creatures. Evolution is explained including adaptation to environment, interdependence, and change over generations and convergent evolution. You will also find out about missions to Mars, Venus, Europa and Titan including environmental conditions and the possibilities of finding water or microbial life. Then, enter the two alien worlds imagined by leading scientists. Follow the scientists on a journey to "Aurelia" and "Blue Moon" to explore their secrets. Finally, you are welcomed to communicate with aliens. Try to interpret signals from the universe and listen to strange sounds from outer space. Before you leave, do not forget to compose your own cool message to an alien! Besides renderings of possible spaceships and methods of space flight, the exhibition has also borrowed a flying saucer created by the Kansas Space Center for visitors to check out.

The Science of Aliens
The Science of Aliens
Say Hi to Aliens
The Science of Aliens
UFO Landing

"People have always asked whether or not we're alone in the universe. While we may never have a definitive answer in our lifetime, scientists can at least show us what other forms of life may look like in the far reaches of space," said Dr. Chao Wun-hau, the Museum's Deputy Director, at the exhibition opening reception, "The Science of Aliens is regarded as the largest exhibition of its kind. It's our pleasure to present it in the National Museum of Natural Science to offer our visitors the opportunity of experiencing the journey to uncover the mystery of aliens."

The Science of Aliens
Chou (middle) and Lee (right 3) at Reception

"Can you imagine that there are some incredible creatures living in conditions where lava erupts, magma flows and poisonous gas fills? And, can you imagine a world with two suns, a 240- hour day, a planet with a flying whale?" asked Ms. Lee Pei-ling, the General Manager of the U-impression Ltd. Company. "Have you ever imagined there could be worlds where half of the planet is constantly frozen and dark, while the other half is constantly bombarded by the sun's rays?" continued Lee. "The Science of Aliens wants to take you on a journey to explore the very different life."

It may not be the first time for you to get to interact with extraterrestrial life, but it is probably the first time for you to do it in a museum. The Science of Aliens not only teaches you that aliens exist but also suggests ways of communicating with them.

  • The Science of Aliens is a ticketing exhibition.
    • Adult:NT$250;Student/Member:NT$220;Senior 65+:NT$150;Child 6-:Free;Disabled Citizen & 1 Companion:Free (Valid ID required)
    • Tickets can be purchased at 7-11 ibon machines or at the Museum's ticket offices.
  • Exhibit Hours: 9am - 5pm; Tuesdays - Sundays; 2 Nov. 2013 - 9 Feb. 2014; Mondays and Chinese New Year's Eve closed (Mondays open when national holidays)
  • Guided Tours: FREE; 10am & 2pm; Tuesdays - Fridays
  • Voice Guided Tours: NT$ 100/per set
  • No food, beverage, umbrellas, pets and photoflash
  • For more information, check out the official "The Science of Aliens" site or facebook page.

The Science of Aliens created by London Science Museum is presented by the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung in collaboration with U-impression Ltd. Company in Taipei, and is proudly supported by COSMOSPHERE in Kansas. Part of funding has been provided by VIZIO and MSI in New Taipei.