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The Sky Guard of Taiwan and the World
The 10th Anniversary of FORMOSAT-2
The 3rd Exhibition Gallery, Human Cultures Hall
September 12 - December 7, 2014

The satellite provides full-time links wherever and whenever they are needed, no matter how remote.

FORMOSAT-2 is a high resolution Earth observation satellite of Taiwan initiated and developed by National Space Organization (NSPO) under the National Applied Research Laboratories (NAR Labs). Since its successful launch on May 21, 2004 in California, it has orbited the Earth 50,435 times and collected pictures of 116,135km of the planet's surface, meaning an area as large as 32,257 times Taiwan Island and 7 times the total land surface of the Earth. Although it was originally designed to last five years, it has doubled its lifetime in orbit and has performed well beyond its worth.

FORMOSAT-2 is the only satellite in the world that pays Taiwan a "daily revisit". Its capability of providing valuable images is significantly useful for scientific research, environmental monitoring, natural disaster prevention and evaluation, urban planning and other applications for the past ten years. It recorded the process of environmental changes resulted from the evolution of Waisanding Barrier Island, the dramatic change of Wazihwei Wetland, the Tzini grounding off Suao in 2007, the construction of Taipei Harbor, the development of Chupei New Town, and Typhoon Morakot in 2009. Since its launch in 2004, images taken by FORMOSAT-2 have been used by 156 institutes and 171 government units for specific applications. In addition, the tsunami that struck Southeast Asia in 2004, the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China, and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan were all recorded by the eye in the sky. These valuable images not only fulfill Taiwan civilian needs but also distribute to international users.

To celebrate FORMOSAT-2's 10-year in-orbit operations, NSPO hosts a series of conferences and travelling exhibitions titled "The Sky Guard of Taiwan and the World: The 10th Anniversary of FORMOSAT-2" to let the public know more about its contribution to the nation. It features a full-scale model of FORMOSAT-2 and a 3D map of Taiwan and incorporates personal narratives, stunning graphics, video, animations, and simulation-based educational games, and will visit museums and schools throughout Taiwan. Different from the travelling exhibits presented in other parts of Taiwan, the one displayed at the Museum focuses on the view of central Taiwan. The interactive, multimedia displays will allow visitors to interact with digital information in a dynamic way, encouraging new perspectives on our planet.

The Sky Guard of Taiwan and the World
The Sky Guard of Taiwan and the World
Satellite Imagery of Taichung City
The Sky Guard of Taiwan and the World
3D Map of Taiwan

Dr. Chou Wen-hao, the Deputy Director of NMNS, delivered his welcome remark to congratulate the FORMOSAT-2 10-year operations at the exhibition opening reception, "We are honored to present the exhibition in partnership with NSPO. I regard FORMOSAT-2 as Fu-de-zheng-shen, meaning the god of good fortune and virtue. Also called the God of Earth, Fu-de-zheng-shen is a friendly keeper of nature, agriculture and land and plays an important role in Taiwanese communities, bringing good luck and harmony. The Earth God is now flying in the sky to protect our villages," said Chou.

Dr. Yu Shiann-jeng, Deputy Director General addressed the history of FORMOSAT-2 development and noted, "Commissioned in May 2004, FORMOSAT-2 started its main mission of taking images for global environment and resources monitoring. The satellite is really a part of our daily life in light of its daily revisit and global coverage features. With superb agility and daily revisit capability, FORMOSAT-2 is able to acquire images of a designated area at the same viewing angle and local time. It is no doubt that any photos taken by satellites in our textbooks are accomplishments of FORMOSAT-2." "It is hoped that the exhibition will provide our people with astonishing new perspectives of our planet," said Yu.

The National Museum of Natural Science is sponsoring a number of programs for the public in connection with the exhibit, including lectures, DIY activities, games, and writing contests. For more information about this exhibition, please visit our official page at or visit for online registration of DIY activities.

  • Guided tours: 11am & 2pm
  • Materials for DIY activities are charged as direct costs.

The Sky Guard of Taiwan and the World: The 10th Anniversary of FORMOSAT-2 is presented by the National Museum of Natural Science in cooperation with National Space Organization (NSPO) under National Applied Research Laboratories (NAR Labs)