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Artifacts Made from Plants
The Conservatory, Botanical Garden
June 26 - August 30, 2015

Like swans, hiding in the reeds the cattails, the plants, a cluster of daffodils screened by the forsythia branches. --Raymond A. Foss Poem--

History is shaped by the materials we develop and use. For thousands of years, plant materials were ubiquitous to human experience - raw to heavily processed, practical to decorative -, human always used plant in one capacity or another until Dr. Baekeland's new material "Bakelite" opened the door to the Age of Plastics in 1907.

The National Museum of Natural Science presents "Artifacts Made from Plants" exhibition at the Botanical Garden's Conservatory in partnership with Tour Life Studio to illustrate the fun and practical aspects of plants around the world. Some 150 pieces of artistic weaving artifacts made from aquatic plants such as cattails and Shichito matgrass are on display. More than 100 out of them are Mr. Sun Yeh-chi's 20-year collection, who is the owner of the Studio. Aside from local handicrafts, the exhibition is also highlighted with baskets, toys, textiles, musical instruments, religious icons, and tools…etc. from South Africa, Thailand, Japan, and Korea. Illustrated with films about the process of making artifacts from plants, visitors will learn about past cultures, peoples and even individuals.

Artifacts Made from Plants Artifacts Made from Plants Artifacts Made from Plants Artifacts Made from Plants Artifacts Made from Plants Artifacts Made from Plants

"Aquatic plants such as cattails and Shichito matgrass grow along lake margins and in marshes, often in dense colonies, and are sometimes considered a weed in managed wetlands. Their soft fibers extracted from the leaves and stems are widely used for fashioning utensils," says Dr. Yen Hsin-fu, the exhibition organizer and Curator at the Museum's Biology Division, at the exhibition opening reception. "This is the fourth time for the Museum to present exhibitions with Mr. Sun," Yen continues, "The first one is about general introduction, the second one Poaceae, the third one Arecaceae, and this summer we focus on aquatic plants." "It is hoped that our visitors will get a better understanding about the plant's diversity through our exhibition series," Yen ends up with his enthusiasm for plants.

Really, plants are fun! "Artifacts Made from Plants" is also accompanied by a series of events, including 2 DIY activities (7/30-8/2, 8/6-8/9). Please visit our website for more.

Artifacts Made from Plants is organized and presented by the National Museum of Natural Science in partnership with Tour Life Studio.