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2015 Science Images
Maze between Nature and Art

The 2nd Exhibition Gallery, Global Environment Hall
July 11 - December 13, 2015

Art is the tree of life. Science is the tree of death. -William Blake-

What science and art share in common is their mystery. Where they differ is that in the face of the vastness of the universe and the regulated patterns of structures in nature, science depends on reasoning, while art depends on perspective.

The National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS) has long emphasized dialogue among science, culture and art and has organized competitions, exhibitions and educational activities on a number of topics. The first science images contest and exhibition, "Amazing New Visions", caught the attention of science photography enthusiasts from Taiwan and abroad. This year, a youth category has been added to allow students from elementary school through high school to participate.

A total of 464 entries from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia were received. Participants come from all walks of life. The subjects of their submitted images also cover a wide range of fields from physics to astronomy, chemistry, biology, medicine, earth sciences and ecology.

2015 Science Images 2015 Science Images 2015 Science Images 2015 Science Images 2015 Science Images

This year, 56 works from the adult category and 20 works from the youth category were selected. "Green Maze" is the main theme of this exhibition, which includes multimedia image wall to create an atmosphere for observing, recording and exploring nature. The selected science images on display, which combine science, imaging and art, create a new way of experiencing the world around us.

  • Admission is FREE.

Maze between Nature and Art is organized by the National Museum of Natural Science. The Museum also gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Sanway Ingenuity for Wellness, and the Museum's Culture & Education Foundation.