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Inspired by Nature
Survival Games of Force and Form
The 3rd Exhibition Gallery
December 30, 2014 - June 28, 2015

You can't improve on nature, but you can learn from it.

Inspired by Nature
Sharkskin-inspired Swimsuits
In nature, there is no such thing as waste - anything left over from one animal or plant is food for another species, according to Shea Gunther. There are more and more discoveries from a burgeoning scientific field known as biomimetic or biomimicry - copying good designs from nature. Increasing scientists, engineers and designers are realizing that nature, with the benefit of millions of years of evolution, holds the key to some of the very best ideas.
Inspired by Nature
Sea Slug-inspired Color Design
They therefore look there for solutions to modern problems, and create greener and more efficient products and process for our homes and lives. Sharkskin-inspired swimsuits, burr-inspired Velcro, lotus-inspired paint, clingfish-inspired suction cups, sea slug-inspired color design, and spiral-inspired staircases… are just some of the striking examples of biomimicry.

The National Museum of Natural Science hosts "Inspired by Nature: Survival Games of Force and Form", an exhibition which looks at the ways in which nature has been an enduring subject over the centuries and highlights the many everyday products, objects and buildings that have used nature as a source of inspiration.

Inspired by Nature
Gallery Entrance
Curated by the Museum's Exhibit Department, the exhibition presents an intelligent, interactive and thought-provoking display of objects, videos and photographs that demonstrates the power of biomimicry. The curated team has selected more than 30 exciting exhibits related to functional morphology and biomechanics, and presented a mix of impressive achievements as well as early stage results, ideas and prototypes, which illustrate the wide variety of disciplines, technologies and domains involved in future and emerging information technologies.

"Inspired by Nature" consists of seven themes: Form and Color, Spirals in Nature, Micro-Structure, Macro-Effect, Suction Cups of Animals, Amazing Springs, Shapes for Gliding, and Van der Waals' Force. It considers the varying ways that nature influences design, from imitating the shape of a bird's wing to develop an airplane, to copying the natural ballistic ability of a chameleon's tongue to develop robotic manipulators. The exhibition also considers what the future will bring with a selection of potential design ideas. In addition, the exhibition highlights a manual machine for helping the shark change its teeth, and a wave-making machine to call for visitors deep thought about our fragile ecosystem. There are more and more…. Anyway, each theme reveals the beauty, power and balance within the natural world. This exhibition is a perfect storm of physics, ecology, and curiosity, and a journey that takes us from wonder to inquiry, curiosity to observation, investigation to understanding. The exhibition also offers visitors the resources to further their studies and understanding about how nature has inspired some truly innovative new products.

Inspired by NatureInspired by NatureInspired by Nature

"Inspired by Nature: Survival Games of Force and Form" is included in Museum entry. Join us on an adventure to discover technology inspired by the spectacle of nature!

"Inspired by Nature: Survival Games of Force and Form" is organized by the National Museum of Natural Science, and made possible by generous support from Taipei Zoo, Petra Ditsche at UW, Bat Conservation International, Problue, and many others.