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Occupational Safety and Kung Fu
Exhibit Area in Front of 3D Theater
July 3 - December 6, 2015

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. - Jodi Rell -

According to Chinese legend, a son of the Ming Dynasty General took refuge in the Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist temple famous for its Kung Fu monks and their unique fighting styles, to learn martial arts, so that he might seek revenge for his dead father. There, after many years of vigorous trainings, he broke through the challenge of the temple's 18 Bronzemen and became the Kung Fu Master.

In Taiwan, we have seen more and more accidents caused by inadequacy of standard operating instructions as well as lack of worker's knowledge and experience including neglect of recognition and confirmation in work. The flammable starch-based powder explosion at Formosa Fun Coast on June 27, 2015 is a good example.

Has occupational safety anything to do with Chinese Kung Fu and 18 Bronzemen? Let "Occupational Safety and Kung Fu" exhibition organized and presented by the National Museum of Natural Science give you the answer.

Occupational Safety and Kung Fu
In "Occupational Safety and Kung Fu" exhibition, many stories about occupational safety and consequences of
Occupational Safety and Kung Fu
workplace injury and illness are told by the 18 Bronzemen, who are given life by some hard hitting action packed Shaolin kung fu. Visitors can play the role of the Kung Fu Master to break through the challenges of Shaolin 18 Bronzemen one by one. Also, through the avant-garde technology "Augmented Reality" (AR), visitors can play the role of a doctor to visualize the 18 Bronzemen, and point out the causes of their discomfort.

Occupational Safety and Kung FuOccupational Safety and Kung FuOccupational Safety and Kung Fu

Occupational Safety and Kung Fu
Sun & Yang (Right 2 & Left 1)
"We feel sorry for those victims in the Formosa Fun Coast accident, but we also feel sorry for our people's lack of knowledge about public safety," said Museum Director Sun Wei-hsin at the exhibition opening reception." Sun mentioned a film he watched on National Geographic Channel. "The film shows powdered coffee creamer is flammable or even produces a big bang if we set it on fire."

"According to Herbert William Heinrich (1886-1962), an American industrial safety pioneer," said Dr. Yang Chung-hsin, the exhibition organizer, "in a workplace, for every accident that causes a major injury, there are 29 accidents that cause minor injuries and 300 accidents that cause no injuries. Because many accidents share common root causes, addressing more commonplace accidents that cause no injuries can prevent accidents that cause injuries." "We present this exhibition in the hope that our people will take care of their personal safety and security," concluded Yang with sincere words and earnest wishes.

Every place, be it a factory, a kitchen, or an amusement park, has the potential for accidents to occur. With this innovative "Occupational Safety and Kung Fu" exhibition, our visitors can appreciate the importance of occupational safety by experiencing common accidents and hazards at workplace or anywhere else in a virtual environment without pain and injury.

  • Admission is FREE.

Occupational Safety and Kung Fu is organized and presented by the National Museum of Natural Science in partnership with Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Labor.