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The Tucson Collection
Sunshine Hallway, Life Science Hall
October 18, 2016 – February 28, 2017

Fossils – Evidence for Evolution

The Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase is one of the premier gem, mineral, and fossil shows in the world and has been held for over 50 years. The essence of the showcase is the sheer variety of unusual items. Tens of thousands of people who come here include practicing geologists, mineralogists, and people from all walks of life. They have one thing in common: they are passionate about gems, minerals, or fossils.

The National Museum of Natural Science has been sending geological and anthropological delegates to the Show for many years to purchase minerals and fossils with the aim of bringing scientifically important specimens so that they can use for research and exhibit. Now, people will be very lucky to check the Museum’s achievements.

The Tucson Collection
Coelodonta antiquitatis
The Tucson Collection”, which runs from October 18, 2016 through February 28, 2017 in the Museum’s Sunshine Hallway of the Life Science Hall, features an exquisite selection of fossils bought by the Museum curators at Tucson Show. “Fossils give physical shape to the many different forms of life that came before us. They enable us to travel back in time and fill us with awe for the natural history of the planet. They also give us a unique window into the process of evolution,” according to Dr. Chang Chun-hsiang, the Head of the Museum’s Geology Department.
The Tucson Collection
hook ammonite
From Coelodonta antiquitatis and Panthera leo spelaea of Pleistocene to Titanichthys agassizi and Coccosteus sp. of Devonian, you will look back into deep geologic time to see how species rise and fall as life evolves over millions of years! You’ll also marvel at the incredibly preserved fossils of horseshoe crabs and hook ammonites, which are donated by the NMNS Culture and Education Foundation. Plus, you’ll get to know the brief Tucson Gem Show story, and learn about deep-ocean secrets discovered from fossils.

The Tucson Collection The Tucson Collection The Tucson Collection The Tucson Collection
Panthera leo spelaea Titanichthys agassizi Coccosteus sp. horseshoe crab

Come join us at the small but essential “The Tucson Collection” exhibition!

The Tucson Collection is organized and presented by National Museum of Natural Science.