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Nanometer – the Invisible Scale
Atrium in front of 3D Theater
December 30, 2016 – April 5, 2017

Nanotechnology is an idea that most people simply didn’t believe. – Ralph Merkle

Nanometer is a unit of measure – just like inches, feet, and miles. It is one-billionth of a meter. Is the number too huge to imagine? Let’s put it this way: If the diameter of the earth was equivalent to a meter, one nano meter would be about the diameter of a marble ball. With such a miniature size, we see things from a very different perspective. Nano meter is used to measure things that are very, very small. Nano technology is both new and old. Although human just discovered the theory and applied nanotechnology, we started using it to make swords, and to create glasses with all those magic colors in ancient times.

To present the basics of nanoscience, introduce some real world applications, and explore the societal and ethical implications of this new technology, Dr. Chen Mei-tsen and Miss Yen Ying-Cheng from National Science and Technology Museum (NSTM) in Kaohsiung created “Nanometer – the Invisible Scale” exhibition. The exhibition was a great success! To celebrate its excellence, the Museum borrows the exhibition from NSTM and hosts it from December 30, 2016 through April 5, 2017.

Nanometer” exhibition does not only explain the theory of the nano world, it also extends to plantations, animals, medical and daily artistic applications. In the exhibition, visitors can make and see nanostructures and explore what nanotechnology is and how it might affect our lives. Visitors will see which will win, electrostatic force or gravity? Visitors can learn about the timeline of nano technology development from 19th to 21st Century, some facts about nanoscience they might not know, and many nanoscale phenomena in Nature. Visitors will be aware of the fake naro and recognize the nano mark. Highlights of the implications of current and future development in new tools and materials in nanoscale science and engineering are also showcased. There are many more for visitors to explore. All of the exhibits are interactive and fun!

Nanometer Nanometer Nanometer Nanometer

Other than the original displays by the NSTM, the Museum also adds some of our own collections, such as lotus leaves and taro leaves, on which dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to the micro- and nanoscopic architecture. Also, many butterfly wings that are able to change colors based on different angles are displayed to illustrate the natural nano effects. Additionally, in the displays of nano effects on minerals, such as carbon, graphite, and diamonds, the Museum shows its diamond samples. These items will only be on display in our exhibition. If you are interested in these items, don’t miss it!

Nanometer – the Invisible Scale” exhibition is a perfect day out for the family. Join us!

Nanometer – the Invisible Scale is presented by
National Museum of Natural Science and National Science and Technology Museum
and supervised by
Department of International Cooperation and Science Education, MOST.