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Pressed Flower Art
A Light Touch on Foliage
The Rainforest Conservatory B1, Botanical Garden
May 6 – June 12, 2016

A pressed flower may not be having fragrance,
but it will remind you of its existence forever.

The beauty of plants has mesmerized people since the dawn of time. Preserving fresh flowers and leaves has been a tradition through the ages and provides lasting enjoyment of nature. Pressed flower and foliage creations are always a crowd favorite among the artistic classes. Now you can see a variety of amazing designs in the Museum’s Botanical Garden from now to June 12. The Museum is partnering with Shelley’s Garden in Taichung to present an annual pressed flower art exhibition ‘A Light Touch on Foliage’.

Pressed Flower ArtShelley Lu, a renowned pressed flower artist in Taiwan, has been creating pressed flower art since 2000. Her artworks have been featured at the Museum’s Garden for five years, and often appear in top winning list of annual International Oshibaba Competition held in Japan. This year, Pressed Flower ArtShelley is leading a group of 20 student artists whose work of 100 pieces featuring foliage of Taiwan are on display at the Museum’s Garden. All these pressed foliage artworks are delicately arranged into unique designs, among which the compelling ‘The Bike and the Bird’ is the acceptance artwork of Shelley at the 12th Oshibana Competition held at Yokohama. Shelley also demonstrates how to use foil rubbing to preserve the beauty of ferns. Available as coasters, pendants, and powder boxes.

“Taiwan is in many ways a paradise for ferns,” said Dr. Yen Hsin-fu, Section Chief of the Museum’s Biology Department, at the exhibition opening reception. “Because Taiwan is located at the crosswinds of the Pacific Rim, the light reproductive fern spores that blow in from other districts find its humid subtropical climate and rich soils a welcoming new home. Taiwan, with its surrounding islets, harbors more than 600 species of ferns and fern aliens now,” explained Yen, “In this exhibition visitors will see many species of ferns of Taiwan such as Psilotumnudum,Selaginella, Nephrolepisauriculata, Doryopterisconcolor, Adiantumcapillus-veneris, and Pronephriumnudatum.” “It is our hope that, through the exhibition experience, visitors will know better about ferns and fern aliens which have been with us for more than 300 million years,” he ended with his enthusiasm for plants.

Pressed Flower Art Pressed Flower Art Pressed Flower Art Pressed Flower Art Pressed Flower Art Pressed Flower Art

“Ferns make excellent pressed plants. Although they do not grow colorful flowers or bear any fruits, their leaves and structures are so unique and diverse that can be pressed to form plant materials with natural curve,” added Shelley. “While visiting the exhibition, you can try your hand at helping to create a new piece of pressed fern artwork, and you’ll find working with pressed ferns can be a lot easier and more enjoyable than you thought.”

During the exhibition, the Garden will present guided tours to provide an excellent introduction to the selected artworks at 10-11am and 1:30-2:30pm, free with Conservatory admission. Visitors can also transform pressed flowers and ferns into bookmarks and cards as the professional educators demonstrate and discuss this magical art. Come join us at this imPRESSive exhibition!

  • For more information, please call Mr. Hsu at 04-23226940 ext.161.

Pressed Flower Art: A Light Touch on Foliage is organized by the Botanical Garden, NMNS,
in cooperation with Shelley’s Garden, Taichung.