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Brilliant Mid-Autumn
At the Conservatory, Botanical Garden
September 29 – October 10, 2017

Nothing is more elegant than orchids in a flower arrangement.

Orchids bring a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury and strength. Oncidium orchids, also known as the ‘Dancing Lady’ or ‘Dancing Doll’ orchids, are very popular plants known for centuries. Their flower displays are among the most dramatic in the orchid world. They produce dozens of small flowers at the same time, giving a spectacular show that lasts for several weeks. Their large-lipped flowers may be yellow, brown, green, white, red or pink. The distinctive shape of so many fluttering blooms on each spike resembling branches covered in butterflies waving in the breeze, making them “dance”. The flowering of oncidium orchids takes place around autumn to early winter, having spent most of the summer forming its tall and floriferous spikes.

Oncidium orchids like it very warm during the day, around 27-29C on average. At night, however, they like the air around them a bit cooler, around 18C. Having such a wide range of temperature can be a tricky proposition for most growers, but is suitable for growers in central region of Taiwan. Millions of oncidium stems are exported. It is the largest export cutting flower production in Taiwan, about 60% of which are from the central region.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner. To celebrate the second grandest festival for Chinese people and match up with the upcoming 2018 Flora Festival in Taichung, the Museum, Agricultural Bureau of Taichung City Government and Eigetsu Koryu Flower Arrangement Association jointly present ‘Brilliant Mid-Autumn’ in the Museum's Conservatory. Featuring oncidium orchids and assorted seasonal floral accessories exquisitely arranged in oriental style of flower arrangement, this exhibition not only looks at the beauty and importance of oncidium orchids in Taiwanese folklore and culture but also gracefully presents the unique charm of the art of flower arrangement, which provides visitors with a better understanding of the valuable intangible cultural heritage of Chinese people.

Dunhuang Dunhuang Dunhuang

Brilliant Mid-Autumn’ is a very limited-time display, running from Friday, September 29 to Tuesday, October 10. When you stroll through our Garden, get into its Tropical Rainforest Conservatory and enjoy the cheerful sprays of dancing oncidiums. There will never be another one exactly like it!

Brilliant Mid-Autumn is presented by the National Museum of Natural Science in collaboration with Agricultural Bureau of Taichung City Government and Eigetsu Koryu Flower Arrangement Association.