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2017 Bonsai Exhibition
Highlight of Miniature Art
At the Oval Plaza
12/1, 2017 – 1/1, 2018

Bonsai: A timeless beauty

The miniature masterpieces that we call bonsai and penjing are the pinnacle of gardening skill. The Japanese art of bonsai, and its precursor, the Chinese art of penjing, are rooted in the traditions of Asian culture. The placement of branches, styling, and the container all convey deep symbolism and reverence for nature. True understanding of bonsai and the ability to master the art of displaying them take dedication and time.

Highlight of Miniature Art is the fourth bonsai exhibition held by the National Museum of Natural Science with support from Taiwan Bonsai World (including Taiwan Pine & Cypress Bonsai Association, Chinese Miniature Bonsai Association, Yachu Bonsai Art Association, and Taichung Tree & Stone Art Association). Featuring hundreds of bonsai works and open to the public six days a week, the 2017 bonsai exhibition also offers docent-led tours and lectures and demonstrations by bonsai masters.

In the exhibition, some bonsai trees are formal, center-of-the-pot trees, while others twist around their containers in a simulation of trees growing down mountains. Whether they are trained in classic modes such as the windswept, slanted trunk, rock clinging and forest styles or with advanced techniques to create deadwood parts on a tree and work on the surface roots and trunk, whether they are rosewood, verbena, pine, cypress, beech, ficus retusa or many other species, each bonsai has its unique characteristics.

2017 Bonsai Exhibition 2017 Bonsai Exhibition 2017 Bonsai Exhibition 2017 Bonsai Exhibition 2017 Bonsai Exhibition

2017 Bonsai Exhibition2017 Bonsai ExhibitionHundreds of potted plants in the exhibition will be periodically displayed in four scheduled successions. In the first stage from December 1-10, 2017, sixty-five bonsai works are on display with different styles which are open to personal interpretation and creativity and closely resemble circumstances in nature. One of the most remarkable specimens is a thirty-year-old rosewood, which stands out not only for its same age as the Museum's, but also for its hard training, shaping and styling. Another focus in the exhibition is a ‘stinky lady’, a sub-tropical plant native to India and Southeast Asia. Visitors will be amazed not at ‘her’ bad odor but at ‘her’ beautifully textured trunk and small leaves trained from the size of a palm to a fingernail.

2017 Bonsai Exhibition“The NMNS bonsai show is one of several held in the region, but due to the museum's excellent facilities and the quality of the trees, the public has the opportunity to see some truly outstanding examples of the many facets involved in the art of bonsai,” said Dr. Yen Hsin-fu, Section Chief in the Museum's Department of Biology and an organizer of the event.

2017 Bonsai ExhibitionThe Ex-president of Taiwan Bonsai World Lee Tian-ding said, “A bonsai tree is not a specific type of tree, nor is it a dwarf. Bonsai are miniature trees, but not are genetically small. They are grown from cuttings or seedlings of full-size tree species, and are pruned, trimmed and shaped over years and decades.”

2017 Bonsai Exhibition”Bonsai is enlightenment and bring peace. People who love bonsai appreciate the beauty of nature and plant trees in small containers. In doing so, they learn from nature and learn a philosophy of life. Even a person who doesn’t understand bonsai can appreciate and be moved by its beauty. The power of bonsai is in its ability to portray the utmost beauty of nature,” said President of Taichung Tree & Stone Art Association Lin Wen-shan.

The 2017 Bonsai Exhibition will be of interest to everybody from novice to expert. Join people from around the island for it and look forward to the following three successions!

2017 Bonsai Exhibition: Highlights of Miniature Art is organized and presented by the National Museum of Natural Science. Generous support is from:

Taiwan Pine & Cypress Bonsai Association
Chinese Miniature Bonsai Association
Yachu Bonsai Art Association
Taichung Tree & Stone Art Association


Visiting Information
  • Exhibition admission is included in general museum tickets.
  • Guided tours: 10-11AM and 3:30-4:30PM on weekends.
  • Themed lectureTemperature in Growing Bonsai & Disease and Pest Control for Bonsai Trees”: 9:30AM & 2:00PM on December 3.
  • Succession 1: Dec. 1–10, 2017; By Taichung Tree & Stone Art Association
    Succession 2: Dec. 12–17, 2017; By Taiwan Pine & Cypress Bonsai Association
    Succession 3: Dec. 19–24, 2017; By Chinese Miniature Bonsai Association
    Succession 4: Dec. 25, 2017 – Jan. 1, 2018; By Yachu Bonsai Art Association