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Hide–and-Seek of Dogs
The Canine Exhibition
The Sunshine Pathway, Life Science Hall
February 9 – May 20, 2018

A dog shows affection even to a poor family. - Chinese Proverb

Authorities agree that the dog (Canis lupus familiaris) was one of the earliest domesticated animals. Recent fossil and genetic evidence has confirmed that all modern-day dogs are the descendants of wolves. Ancient clues from cave paintings and burial sites reveal that dogs and people have lived together for thousands of years. Over this time humans have transformed, through selected breeding, the wild canids into the first domesticated animal, and then the tamable, trainable, and incredibly diverse dog. Their variety of shapes and sizes and their abilities as hunter, herders, guards, and companions have made them truly our ‘best friends’. People often use “pooch” as a cute way to describe their pet dogs. But, do we really understand our best friends or pooches?

To celebrate the Year of the Dog, a new featured exhibition at the National Museum of Natural Science will explore the fascinating stories of dogs in human cultures. Whether they are wolves or pampered pooches, wild pups or domesticated companions, Hide-and-Seek of Dogs is the definitive history of man’s best friend. It explores every detail of the dog’s life, helping us to understand them better than ever before. Opening February 9, the canine exhibition sniffs out the facts on the unique role of dogs in human societies and what makes the human/dog relationship so unique. In addition to exhibiting Taiwanese dogs and the bone structures of other canine species, it uses the familiarity and love of these four-legged friends to explore science and biological concepts, revealing how and when, through domestication, dogs have become one of the most influential animals in our history and survival.

Hide-and-Seek of DogsHide-and-Seek of DogsHide-and-Seek of DogsHide-and-Seek of DogsHide-and-Seek of Dogs

Hide-and-Seek of Dogs, which will be on show until May 20, 2018, includes multi-media display, artifacts, photo murals, dioramas of wild canines and modern dog breeds. Additionally interactive, hands-on components demonstrate key exhibit concepts. From Dog Origin, Dog Communication to Wild Canids and Human-Dog Bonding, the exhibition traces the evolution of dogs from “hunting wolves” to “obedient pets”, illustrates the facial expressions and body languages of dogs, analyzes the morphological characteristics, behavioral features and adaptations of the dog family and sets forth the unusual bonding between dogs and humans. Based on the theme of Hide and Seek, the exhibit is designed as a quirky maze featuring dog artworks, prints, paintings and photographs. Visitors will be totally immersed in the maze to find out interesting and little-known facts about dogs.

Hide-and-Seek of Dogs“Dogs were among the first animals domesticated by ancient people. As protectors, trained helpers and companions, dogs have been essential to the ways of people's life and also integral to human's cultures. Pet ownership is so important to many families today, and through Hide-and-Seek of Dogs, we hope visitors of all ages will develop a deep appreciation of the important ways our canine companions have shaped our history and society, and come away with an entertaining experience whilst learning more about the investigative science,” said Chen Hui-chuan, Curator of the exhibition.

Hide-and-Seek of Dogs helps us understand better about the four-legged best friends. This truly engaging and comprehensive experience will make for memorable visit, even for a non-dog lover.

  • Admission is included with regular museum admission.
  • Guided tours: 10:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m.
  • Click here to learn more about Hide and Seek of Dogs.

Hide-and-Seek of Dogs: The Canine Exhibition is organized and presented by the National Museum of Natural Science.