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Let's Go To E-School
Circular Lobby, Life Science Hall
October 9 - November 25, 2012

--- Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.---
Initiated in 2002, Taiwan's various kinds of archives kept in Academia Sinica has been digitized, and the "National Science and Technology Program for e-Learning" was launched in the following year. These two national programs have successfully integrated development of various fields in science, technology, humanities and economy. Experts in these fields began to share their ideas and to create, organize and disseminate their professional knowledge. The results of it have not only increased accessibility to these knowledge resources for scholars, but also allowed the general public to add more fun and happiness to their daily lives.

This special exhibition titled "Let's Go To E-School" opens on Tuesday, October 9, in the Museum's Circular Lobby of the Life Science Hall. Divided into seven sections named Field Trip, Wiki Baseball Stadium, Audio-Visual Room, Knowledge to Go, Zoom in Ecology, Wonder Trip to the Past, and Gallery Boulevard, Let's Go To E-School uses a new multimedia display environment that allows visitors of all ages to explore Taiwan in depth. See how many beautiful corners of the island you can recognize, review the particularly treasured collective memory in the Taiwanese baseball history, enjoy the music of Taiwanese indigenous people and films that record Taiwan, get a deep understanding about Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program, know more about the endemic species of Taiwan, explore mysterious treasures stored in the Academia Sinica and the National Palace Museum. Last but not least, take a stroll in the Boulevard Gallery to witness the beauty of Lin Yuan's art brut and Chen Ching-jung's mosaic painting.

Zoom in Ecology
Zoom in Ecology
Chens Mosaic Painting
Chen's Mosaic Painting

"What is e-learning? E-learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. It involves the use of a computer or electronic device in some way to provide training, educational or learning material," says Dr. Hsu Dian-yu, curator at the Museum's Information Division and the chief of the Museum's e-learning & digital archives program. "Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program is a long-term, multi-generational, and cross-divisional program. It not only brings to light the cultural heritage and knowledge, but also enhances the cultural, academic, social, economic, and educational values of Taiwan," continues Hsu, "I'm proud of taking part in this national project. Through the overview of the history and achievements of the TELDAP, I hope that the value contained within the e-learning and digital archives industry will set down firm roots in society and then grow strong."

We cordially invite you to share our collective memory and achievements. Let's Go To E-School will make visitors of all ages a very worthwhile, enjoyable, and informative visit. Get the most out of it!

  • Gallery Boulevard is located in front of the Environment Theater.
  • Admission is free.

Let's Go To E-School is organized by Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program
in collaboration with
National Museum of Natural Science