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Pressed Flower Art
Conservatory, Botanical Garden
May 11 – June 3, 2012

The results are rewarding, the possibilities are endless!

The beauty of flowers has mesmerized people since the dawn of time. Preserving fresh flowers has been a tradition through the ages and provides lasting enjoyment of nature's blooms. Celebrating Mother's Day, National Museum of Natural Science presents the Pressed Flower Art exhibition in cooperation with Shelley's Garden in Taiching from May 11 through June 3 at the Conservatory of the Botanical Garden.

“There are many ways to use pressed flowers. Bookmarks, key chains, jewelry, stationary, and cards etc....are all good choices,” said Dr. Yen Hsing-fu, Curator at the Museum's Botany Department, “This unique art begins with plants. Delicate flowers, curving stems, bold leaves - or simple leaves, even a weather-beaten fern still holds a certain amount of dignity,” Yen continued, “Shelley seeks to place plants in a new setting that amplifies their uniqueness and celebrates the simplicity of their beauty in this exhibition.”

Falling LettersShelley Lu, who is in charge of Shelley’s Garden in Taichung, has devoted to pressed flower art for over ten years. Her original interest in painting led her to get to the wonderful world of pressed flower art, and to win a high award with her works of Boathouse in the 8th Competition for Japan Pressed Flowers Exhibition of Creation in 2011.

“I love pressed flower art. This art form combines floral design with drawing and painting, allowing people to express themselves with the beauty from nature. Utilizing modern drying technology and flower pressing techniques, the life of the flowers is extended for years of enjoyment,” said Shelley, “Yes, pressed flowers are delicate and need to be handled with care, but with the right technique, you'll soon discover just how easy it is to use in your pictures, cards, invitations, and anything else your imagination conceives,” continued Lu, “If you are new to this world, don’t feel intimidated. Working with pressed flowers can be a lot easier and more enjoyable than you think. Just with a little practice, patience, and imagination, anyone at any age, with or without previous art training, can learn and master the art of pressed flowers.”

Falling LettersFalling Letters

In addition to displaying 40 works of pressed Ramie and Marguerite in the Pressed Flower Art exhibition, the Botanical Garden also offers activities for DIY pressing flowers and other teaching programs about pressed flowers at 9am & 2pm, May 12 & 19. Come join us to appreciate the preserved abundance of natural color and delicate shapes. Pressing flowers is easy and fun!

Pressed Flower Art is organized by the Botanical Garden, NMNS,
in cooperation with Shelley’s Garden, Taichung.