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Technologies of the Future
The 4th Special Exhibition Gallery, Life Science Hall
March 23 – September 19, 2012

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough --- Saying of Einstein

During the 1960's and 1970s, we were fascinated with many ideas such as robots or space travel. We wanted to be on the cutting edge of anything that would make our lives easier. Many of us thought all that “future” technology was just Hollywood's cool creations. But now, that future technology has already existed in our lives. And more future technologies are here in the fourth special exhibition gallery of the National Museum of Natural Science!

The Earth is always changing. Powerful forces shape our air, water, land, and even our mind, and will continue. Facing so many global problems, such as hunger, climate change, pollution, education, health care, energy sources, and space exploration…etc., have you ever worried about the future of our Earth? Or have you even wished to escape from the endangered Earth? Technologies of the Future at the National Museum of Natural Science from March 23 to September 19 offers visitors a good opportunity to gain advanced knowledge about science, and a different vision of new inventions and appliances of future technologies. It showcases various possibilities and missions of the future use of technology. There are some great installations set up, many of which blur the line between art and prototype fantastically well. The purpose of the exhibition is to arouse people’s consciousness of the changing Earth, and to create discussion about how future technologies might be used, and explore both the positive and negative effects that might be the result.

Step into this exhibition. Fun and engaging interactivities let you explore technologies of the future. Future technologies highlighted in this exhibition include generating electricity with air, making organs of yours, shopping at home, learning English through falling letters, examining health condition by means of a smart toilet, delivering medicines or performing surgeries through nanotech, performing labor for companies across the world without leaving our homes, and traveling to the moon – perhaps even establishing colonies there, and more and more...

Falling Letters

Organ Making


Technologies of the Future, organized by the Museum in cooperation with the National Central University, is supervised by the National Science Council and the Ministry of Education,” said Dr. Sun Wei-hsin, Director of the National Museum of Natural Science, at the opening reception. “That is, our government is paying much attention to global problems, and indeed, Technologies of the Future is one of the most ambitious exhibitions held in our country. There are so many scientific discoveries and missions that await us. Our visitors must be excited to explore these topics in the new exhibition,” Sun continued. “Most of all, we expect to see our children, especially high school children, are inspired in this exhibition,” added he.

We are advancing at a faster and faster pace. Are we ready? Come attend Technologies of the Future. Move beyond a retrospective to create a forward-looking examination of human’s future!

  • Admission is free.

Technologies of the Future is organized by the National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung in cooperation with National Central University, Chung-li. Generous support is from Delta Electronics Foundation.