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Occupational Safety
The 2nd Exhibition Gallery, Human Cultures Hall
July 20 – November 18, 2012


                                --Safety is the only way home--
Work plays a central role in people’s lives, since most workers spend at least 8 hours a day in the workplace. Work environments should be safe and healthy. Yet this is not the case for many workers. As a matter of fact, many workers are faced with a multitude of health hazards including chemical, physical, biological, psychological, non-application of ergonomic principles, etc. The National Museum of Natural Science presents Occupational Safety exhibition in cooperation with IOSH and LAB of Taichung City Government to promote an understanding of the importance of work environment, various risk factors in workplaces, and how to prevent from occupational accidents.

Inspired by Holmes’ detective stories, Occupational Security exhibition is full of entertainment and excitement. The special exhibition vividly reveals the risks of the workplace and also shows how to avoid them. Visitors will get all the information they need at the correct point. Interactive computer screens, videos and simulators invite visitors to try their astute skills and conduct analysis and inference on their own. Each theme – a construction site, a hospital, a factory, or a power station – throws up new scenarios and suggests ways to improve the world of work to fit the needs of humans.

“Well-trained labor force is the backbone of the developing economy in Taiwan,” said Hu Zhi-chiang, Mayor of Taichung City, at the exhibition opening reception on July 20. “The safety and health of our labors in the workplace is always the first priority when making policy decisions. Although hundreds of workers fall ill, are injured and even die on the job every year, we are trying hard to prevent these tragedies through a rational and consistent focus on best practices and constant improvement of safety policies.” “Occupational safety requires a top to bottom commitment starting with government, company and industry leaders, and the public as well. We hope that this exhibition will be enthusiastically received by our citizens,” added Hu.

“As our people’s awareness of occupational safety and consciousness of health have been greatly promoted, the rate from occupational accidents has indeed reduced a lot in recent years,” said Wang Ju-hsuan, Minister of the Council of Labor Affairs. “But workplace accidents happen more frequently during summer months relatively,” she continued, “Not only due to the hot weather, it is probably also because youth employment significantly increases during the summer vacation,” pointed out Wang. “This exhibition is quite an effective way to spread information about former incidents as examples in order to prevent similar accidents from happening again.”

“An accident is an unwanted event that is never scheduled or planned,” said Dr. Yang Chung-hsin, Chairman of the Museum’s Exhibition Division and also the exhibit’s organizer, at the exhibition opening reception, “Accidents occur for many reasons. Understanding why an accident happens is the first step in prevention. We design this fatal exhibition in a vivid way to emphasize the importance of occupational safety,” Yang added.

A visit to Occupational Safety exhibition will be very worthwhile, enjoyable, and informative!

Occupational Safety is organized by the National Museum of Natural Science in cooperation with Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and Labor Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government.