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April 29 - October 26,
In Front of 3D Theater

Better sleep does lead to a better life - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sleep is quintessential to our lives. Every human being has the major basic functions in common. One of these vital necessities is the need of sleep. There are many reasons our bodies need sleep. Sleep is our bodies' way of rejuvenating. It is the period in which we lower the energy levels expelled each day, our muscles and soft tissues are repaired and revitalized, and our minds are able to process memories and things we have learned for the day. It is just as important as breathing. Yet, the importance of sleep is often overlooked. The exhibition, which is on view at the National Museum of Natural Science from Friday, April 29, until October 26, 2011, brings visitors up to date on the latest in neuroscience, highlighting knowledge of sleep and effects of sleep problems.

"About one-third of our life we spend sleeping and we really don't bother to even think on it. We are delighted to explore its many facets in Sleep exhibition," says Dr. Yang Chung-hsin, the organizer of the exhibition, at the opening reception. "This exhibition illustrates why sleep is so important to human's life. Every part of our body is affected - the brain, nervous system, immune system, hormones, emotions, heart, lungs, and the list goes on. Visitors will not only learn why sleep is important and what happens when you don't get enough, but will come away with an enriched perspective on this significant health concern.">

 "It's a common fact that every human being needs a good night's sleep. Sleep gives our bodies the physical and the mental rest it needs. When we are rested, our minds and bodies can work at their best levels," says Mr. Teng Ching-sheng, Deputy Director of the Museum. "Sleep deprivation is a commonplace occurrence in modern culture. The recent Fudao nuclear disaster reminds people of the nuclear accident on Chernobyl that occurred on April 26, 1986," adds Teng, "It was not just an accident as most people thought. The precise causes of the accident are still uncertain, but it is generally believed that the series of incidents that led to the explosion, fire and nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl was caused by a combination of reactor design flaws and operator error. Some night shift workers with red, puffy eyes and haggard appearances were thought to have made fetal mistakes!"

It's no doubt that sleep deprivation increases the risk of human-error related accidents, and it poses a risk to safe operation in all modes of transportation and to performance in other safety-sensitive activities. Many other examples are listed in this exhibition.

Do you like to live longer, keep your body strong and healthy, help your brain stay sharp and focused, improve your memory, keep your emotion positive and balanced? Don't you have time to sleep due to being busy or over-scheduled? Do you often feel physically and mentally tired because of your lack of sleep? If you like to live and work hard, you must not forget to sleep hard - get enough sleep that is. Come and visit Sleep exhibition to learn welcome sleep as an ally who wants to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Sleep is organized by the National Museum of Natural Science, is made possible with support from Institute of Occupational Safety & Health.