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ExploreDo you love lush gardens and natural beauty? If so, you will enjoy exploring the massive Botanical Garden of the National Museum of Natural Science, one of the outdoor gems of Taichung, Taiwan.

Situated on 4.5 hectares along the Shi-tun Road, the Museum's Botanical Garden is near downtown but offers a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle. The Garden offers varied topography of Taiwan, so there are several different habitats within the complex. The Garden has exotic, native, and hybrid plants. It is right across the street from the Museum's complex, so you can explore the Garden and then have an intellectual trip!

In addition to a tropical rainforest conservatory, the Garden is divided into 12 themed gardens: Northern Taiwan Lowlands, Central Taiwan Lowlands, Great Lawn, Southern Taiwan Lowlands, Monsoon Rainforest Gully, Aquatic Area, Littoral Forest, Coral Atoll Garden, Vine Garden, Succulents Garden, Lanyu Garden, and Taitung Cycad Garden. There are also a visually stunning sculpture of Birdwing Butterfly and a 10.5-foot-tall water clock, standing at the entrances to the Conservatory and the Garden respectively. Of course, as one of the important information resources of the floral biodiversity of Taiwan, the Garden has a nursery & seed bank to conserve and propagate endangered native plants, and has a special exhibition gallery to present a variety of floral exhibitions.


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