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The Tropical Rainforest Conservatory at the National Museum of Natural Science is a stunning, living exhibit that showcases the features of tropical ecology. It is a glass cone suspended by steel texture, standing 31 meters in height and extending 4.5 meters underground and 56 meters in diameter. The dramatic glass cone filled with fragrance, trails, torrents, and waterfalls is now a most featured landmark in Taichung City. During a typical visit, one can expect to see some 500 different plant species of the tropical rainforest, to simulate strolling in a tropical rainforest, or to take a glimpse at the canopy of the tropical rainforest from the viewing terrace. The plants in the Conservatory are of great interest to those with horticultural leanings. Pick up a guide to the plants to help you learn more about the plants when you visit.

Images01Also included in the Conservatory experience is a huge tropical aquarium, in which you’ll meet a variety of fish in Amazon, including their King - Arapaima Pirarucu. If lucky enough, you’ll also hear a poison arrow frog singing!

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