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    Like to know more about modern science such as physics, chemistry, astronomy, and electronics? The Science Center illuminates the stunning discoveries of it, and examines such questions as how Taiwan developed its IC business, and how the weather satellite obtains information about the atmospheric conditions. Designed as a rich interpretive environment, this Center is also the site of hands-on, interactive exhibits and extensive educational programming.

    • The Science Center is located across from the Life Science Galleries, and next to the IMAX Theater.
    Science Exploring Why and how we have sensory illusions? Can you imagine how our environment changing? Do you think physics is very boring? Do you like to be a professional photographer? Science Exploring leads you to a brand-new science world.
    Integrated Circuits Electronics plays a crucial role in human history. It has changed human's life style. See how it has developed for years, and how it has influenced our daily life.
    Astronomy Your introduction to Astronomy is a dramatic sculpture of the solar system and a giant picture of the earth taken from space. Travel through our planet to start your journey to the universe, and find out the interaction between atmosphere and weather.
    The Fantastic World of Matter Do you think physics and chemistry boring and difficult to understand? The Fantastic World of Matter will lead you to a revolutionary change. It introduces you the basic concepts and principles through hands-on and interactive exhibitions.
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