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    * Tyrannosaurus rex and Pentaceratops

    About 70 million years ago on the North American continent, a Pentaceratops had its head lowered to feed on vegetation. Nearby, a hungry Tyrannosaurus rex was quietly moving in on its prey. What ensued was a life-and-death struggle, portrayed outside the Dinosaur Gallery using life-size models.

    Large carnivorous dinosaurs mostly lived between 80 million and 65 million years ago. Their forelimbs were atrophied, but they had sharp teeth. Tyrannosaurus rex was the largest of the carnivorous dinosaurs reaching 14 meters in length and more than five meters in height. It was an adept fighter. However, the Pentaceratops with its sharp horns and extremely thick skin that shielded its neck region was a worthy opponent.

    Tyrannosaurus rexand Pentaceratops

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