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    Located at the starting point of the Path of Evolution is a sculpture of windmill, a public work of art designed by the Museum’s Exhibition Department. Measuring 10 feet across, the windmill is protected by a stainless steel polyhedron and rests on a 23-foot tall white column. The rotating windmill leads visitors across the Path of Evolution to the Museum.

    Through the years, history has taught us that the “old ways of life” and physical challenges of everyday survival have long been forgotten. Technology advancements have made everyday survival a convenience. In the past, food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and general staples were labor and time intensive where in today’s society we can get many of our necessities with the touch of a button and within a matter of minutes.

    The windmill reminds us of the history of our culture from the evolution of wind power to today’s modern technology. Through the windmill we want to educate visitors about the changes in technology and the evolution of today’s society.


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