June 1 ‧ Announcement
Admission Discount
Admission DiscountTo upgrade our online services, the Museum offers admission discount for visitors who purchase our tickets on our website or from our box offices with contactless cards. Save your money, time, and energy to enjoy the treasures inside the Museum!

June 1 ‧ Exhibition
NMNS Online Collection: Legumes
LegumesLegumes are good for people and soil. In a world urgently requiring more sustainable agriculture, food security and healthier diets, the demand for legumes is on the rise. Join us to learn more about the amazing plant in our new online exhibition!

May 31 ‧ Event
2019 Popular Science Writing Camp
2019 Popular Science Writing CampPopular science writing is one of the most cherished arts in the communication of science. Registration of the Museum’s annual Popular Science Writing Camp is now open. Register early to secure your spot!

May 29 ‧ Event
Scientific Illustration Camp
Scientific Illustration CampCalling all juniors who like to combine science, technology and aesthetics! The Scientific Illustration Camp at the Museum will provide you with opportunity to learn a wide range of art techniques focused on nature and natural science illustration.

May 26 ‧ Event
2019 Nature Explorers Camp
2019 Nature Explorers CampRegistration is now open for 2019 Nature Explorers Camp! Keep your kids learning and having fun in their summer vacation. The Camp connects kids to nature in fun and exciting ways. Register early to secure your spot.

May 21 ‧ Announcement
Paid Member of Online Collections
Paid Member of Online Collections DatabaseWe invite you to become a paid member of our Online Collections, which allows you to search our specimens and display status around the world and around the clock, and provides you with a unique opportunity to talk with our scientists.

May 20 ‧ Announcement
Gallery Closure
Gallery ClosureOur Dinosaur Gallery in the Life Science Hall will be closed Monday – Friday, June 10 – 14, 2019 for maintenance of the animatronic dinosaurs manufactured by KOKORO. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

May 14 ‧ Event
2019 Summer GreenMech Camp
2019 Summer GreenMech CampRegistration is now open for 2019 Summer GreenMech Camp! Keep your kids learning and having fun during their summer vacation with engaging hands-on science experiences. Sessions frequently sell out quickly; Register early to secure your spot.

April 30 ‧ Announcement
Presentation on Curatorial Research
Presentation on Curatorial ResearchThe Museum is delighted to announce that its curator Huang Wen-shan has been successful in his study. His research presentation sheds light on the reason for animals’ lifespans, which was published in the internationally renowned peer-reviewed Science Advances journal.

April 22 ‧ Exhibition
In Love with Antarctica: Hiroshi Ikeda Photography Exhibition
In Love with Antarctica: Hiroshi Ikeda Photography ExhibitionEmbrace the beauty of the last pure land on Earth! The Museum is honored to announce “In Love with Antarctica”, a photography exhibition featuring work by ‘Mr. Antarctica’ Hiroshi Ikeda, on view from April 23 to September 1, 2019.

April 18 ‧ Event
2019 Nature Explorers Summer Camp
2019 Nature Explorers Summer CampWe are pleased to announce that 2019 Nature Explorers Summer Camp is now accepting application. Students will explore vibrant Hangzhou and cosmopolitan Shanghai and some other cities of Zhejiang Province in the 10-day camp.

March 1 ‧ Announcement
Gallery Closure
Gallery ClosureThe World of Semiconductor Gallery on the 2nd floor of the Museum's Science Center will be closed from March 4 to December 31, 2019 for innovation. We are sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.

February 18 ‧ Exhibition
The King of Oriental Instruments
The King of Oriental InstrumentsA new exhibit featuring exact replicas of serial bells (called bianzhong) of Zeng Marquis Yi will be hosted at the Museum for five years. We look forward to welcoming you to learn more about the astounding archaeological discovery earthed in 433 B.C.

January 29 ‧ Exhibition
Seeking Seeds: A Hundred Seeds, A Thousand Quests
Seeking Seeds: A Hundred Seeds, A Thousand QuestsThe Museum is proud to announce that the Seeking Seeds: A Hundred Seeds, A Thousand Quests exhibition will be opening to the public tomorrow. Join us to explore the biology and lore of seeds.

January 1 ‧ Film
Space Next
Space NextThe Museum's IMAX Space Theater debuts today a cutting-edge, digitally animated film called “Space Next”, which is about how we took to the skies, our race to the moon and our future with the stars. Come discover what’s next!

January 1 ‧ Film
The Son of Bigfoot & Conquest of the Skies
3D TheaterKick off the New Year 2019 with two new films ”The Son of Bigfoot” and “Conquest of the Skies” at our 3D Theater! Follow Adam as he sets out to trace his long-lost father and travel with David through time to unravel the astonishing 300-million-year story of flying animals.

December 26 ‧ Exhibition
Realm of the Leopard Cat
Realm of the Leopard CatAn urgent ecological issue will be communicated in the Museum’s newest exhibition Realm of the Leopard Cat, which opens to the public today and will run through Sep. 8, 2019. Come explore the only surviving feline species native to Taiwan.

November 22 ‧ Announcement
Conservatory Closure
Theater ClosureThe Museum’s iconic building, Tropical Rainforest Conservatory, will be closed for a project of structural steel painting and component inspection from Nov. 28, 2018 to Aug. 31, 2019. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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