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Our Services

We aim to make NMNS an exciting, educational, and enjoyable experience for everyone. If you have any questions about your visit and the services we offer, please contact our General Service Center at +886-4-23226940 ext. 596.

The General Service Center provides the following services:

  1. Our ServicesInformation: general information about exhibitions and activities in the Museum.
  2. Charge counter for educational activities.
  3. Application for Dinosaur Cards; located on the left side of this service center.
  4. Cloakroom service; located in the rear of this service center.
  5. Lending of strollers, wheelchairs, and hair dryers.
  6. Providing publications of the Museum, such as Museum Information, Maps of Exhibition Halls, Activity brochures, Guidebooks, etc.
  7. Lost and found, recovery of missing kids, and service of providing hot drinking water.
  8. Application for guided tours on that day.
  9. Lounge area for visitors.
  10. Mobile e-bookcase reading service. (Temporary out of service because of Covid-19 Pandemic)
On the right-hand side of the main entrance of the Life Science Hall
+886+4+23226940 ext. 596

Download a PDF map of the Museum

During your visit, use this map to navigate the main building. If you get lost, don't worry—our friendly Visitor Services staff is always happy to lend a hand. You can download now and save for later.
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Digital Archives and e-Learning Center

  1. Advisory services: Consult a variety of related mobile e-learning services in the museum.
  2. Information Appliance borrowing: provide audio guide, including headset, tablet, mobile phone borrowing services.
  3. Interactive machines in the exhibition hall: provide science and technology interactive machines and photo interactive machines.
  4. Innovative Science and Technology Experiences: A variety of innovative Science and Technology experience activities such as AR/VR, robots, etc. will be launched from time to time.
  5. Online learning experience: provide visitors to register and borrow computers in this area to watch the content of digital museum archives by self-learning.
  6. I-Cobo M-Exploration: provide treasure hunting fun of Museum, fun M-Exploration for school teachers and students, the digital museum for children, iCoBo smart navigation guide, and more.
  7. Redeem Members' reward points for prizes : display the related prizes for the digital museum.
Digital Archives and e-Learning Center
11 / 02 / 2021 Updated